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We Now Know the Truth Behind Susan Sarandon's Alleged Feud with Julia Roberts

Spoiler alert: Susan's PR rep made it all up.

By Aimée Lutkin

Remember that gossip from 1998? The gossip about how Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts were feuding on the set of the tearjerker film Stepmom? At the time, Entertainment Weekly confronted the film's co-stars about the rumors that they allegedly couldn’t get along with each other. Susan responded, ”If you make a movie with a male star, everyone assumes you’re f***ing. If it’s a female star, everyone assumes you’re fighting.”

Julia told the interviewer, “There’s got to be something new. It can still be a total lie, because — you know — nobody wants the truth. I understand that. I’ve accepted it. But a better lie? Please?! This is such a yawn.”

She added, “Actually, Susan and I were kinda hoping that people would say we were f***ing. Now that’s delicious cocktail-party fodder. But this? Boring.”

Flash forward to almost 20 years later, and we’re finally getting some background on this supposed feud. No, they weren’t having a torrid affair. Susan tweeted on Sunday night, “Press printed that Julia & I hated each other during Stepmom. Found out it was my PR person creating rumors. #FeudFX.”

A producer on the film, Michael Barnathan, confirmed this in a reply to Susan’s tweet, writing, “My impression was that Julia had a ton of respect for you, on set it was collaborative and supportive. Great set. Beautiful film.”

Is there a person alive who went to see Stepmom because they were excited about Julia and Susan’s “feud"? Probably not. They most likely went so they could cry cathartically in a dark movie theater. It's unclear why Susan felt she needed to let everyone in on this little secret now, but given her latest TV series, aptly named Feud, now seems a good a time as any.

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