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The Daily Dish Fitness

Victoria’s Secret Angels Stay Slim Eating These Foods

Okay, so they work out a litle bit, too. 

By Hilary Sheinbaum
​Watch Angels Dish on Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016

When it’s your job to wear bras and panties to work, sporting pants may not be a priority, or a necessity. But, a steady diet and exercise regimen is likely top of mind.

Sara Sampaio and Elsa Hosk are pros at looking good—after all, they’re Victoria’s Secret Angels. The ladies aren’t exclusively eating grilled chicken and veggies to look their best—they indulge in unhealthy foods, too…. but, in moderation. Sampaio isn’t shy about her love for a burger, fries and a strawberry shake—or pancakes for breakfast—when a craving strikes, but, typically, the duo’s daily meals and snacks are more healthful.

When the models aren’t making strides up and down the runway, or posing for sexy pictures, these two are hitting the gym to maintain their svelte figures. During the undisputed season of swimsuits, we were eager to know what angels eat, where they work out and what else they do to stay in shape. In celebration of the brand’s new T-Shirt Bra Collection, we caught up with the stunning sweethearts to uncover all of their food and fitness secrets.

Sara Sampaio

What is your workout regimen like these days?

Sara Sampaio: I go to Pilates. I go to a lot of SLT, and I’ve noticed with my body that slow, controlled, movements are what works best for me. I don’t really do bootcamps or those high-intensity workouts because I kind of have scoliosis. I’m kind of obsessed with SLT. I tend to do it three to four [days per week]. It depends on work, if I’m traveling. I get a bit lazy when I’m traveling. I try to compensate it when I am in New York.

Elsa Hosk: I switch it up a lot. I do a lot of boxing, Flybarre barre training, I go train at Dogpound. I run. I mix it up as much as possible so I don’t get bored – five or six days a week.

What healthy snacks do you bring along while traveling?

SS: Definitely nuts, like raw almonds. They’re really good because they have a lot of protein. I am the least healthy when I’m traveling. The jetlag makes me want to eat pasta and bread. I tend to snack pretty badly when I’m traveling. When I come back to the city, its like, ‘Ok, let’s go for the fish. Let’s go for the chicken.’

Elsa Hosk

What’s your go-to breakfast every morning?

SS: I like to eat eggs and avocado toast. I love pancakes, so I’ll eat some pancakes once in a while.

EH: I recently am trying to go vegan, so it’s a bit of a struggle now! I used to eat eggs or Greek yogurt, and now I don’t know what to eat! I do like smoothies, but I feel like I’m going to get sick of that soon. I have to come up with a lot of options. I’ve been buying a lot of vegan cookbooks. I watched a documentary called What The Health. I feel like it’s been brewing: this desire to do [a lifestyle] like that. But then this documentary —boom!—it hit me.

Are there any healthy recipes you make at home?

SS: I don’t really cook.

EH: I cook a lot at home, I have a lot of recipes. My favorite one is gazpacho. It’s easy to make. You just put vegetables in a blender with olive oil and salt. It’s yummy.

What are your favorite New York restaurants?

EH: I like by CHLOE. for fast food. I get the Guac Burger. For healthy meals, I also like Jack’s Wife Frieda a lot. I used to get the poached egg with the halloumi cheese and heirloom tomato—so yummy.

What are your favorite cheat day meals, or foods?

SS: Pizza, that’s definitely in. Shake Shack. Oh my god. I get the hamburger—no cheese—just the beef, tomatoes and lettuce, and a strawberry milkshake, and the crinkle fries. I eat it all at once.

EH: It used to be grilled cheese sandwiches—probably still will be, because you can make vegan grilled cheese sandwiches.

Are there any foods you avoid at all costs—especially before a photoshoot or the big runway show?

SS: I really don’t drink RedBull. I had a really bad experience with RedBull once, and I just never have touched it in four years. I don’t do any energy drinks like that, at all. I don’t give up anything. If I’m having a lingerie shoot, I’m not going to eat pizza the day before, but I don’t restrict myself to eating anything. It’s all about balance. If you had an awful day, and you get home, and you really want that pasta or a slice of pizza, just do it. For lunch, you have some fish or a salad or chicken.

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