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Wait, People Are Buying Back Dimples?

"The Venus" is the latest, supermodel-inspired surgery trend.

By Rachel Jones
Would Heather and Terry Dubrow Let Their Kids Have Plastic Surgery?

It's no secret that girls like Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters are trendsetters, but it's not just with fashion. People want something very specific these girls have, and it's not just their killer wardrobes. Nope: It's two little dimples, just above their bums.


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These dimples are called "Venus dimples" (named after the Roman goddess of beauty) and they've inspired a plastic surgery trend that has hit pretty hard. Yes, that's right: people are buying back dimples.

Models like Miranda Kerr have been showing these coveted dimples off for years, but lately, girls seem way more keen to have a pair for themselves. According to Cosmopolitan, they're paying up to five grand for them.

They don't only fit the look of the moment, but Cosmo also says: "Having these little indents can make it easier for you to have an orgasm, because the dimples facilitate good circulation around the pelvis area, and that helps you climax." Well, this trend just got a little more interesting!

island joj ✌🏼️🌴💙 @jessejostark

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Many sources say that these coveted dimples are hereditary, so buying them is the only option if you're not #blesed with them since birth. So, we reached out to Simon McDermott, the personal trainer behind Bikini Body Burn, to see if there are any exercise options that can help achieve this trendy look without going under the knife.

According to Simon, every girl has the dimples, it's just that you can't see them on everyone—it's dependent on the configuration of each individual's sacroiliac joint. But, there are two ways you can try and get these cute little dimples more visible before resorting to having them cut in: by doing targeted exercises and by lowering your body fat percentage.

Easier said than done, right? That;s why so many people are taking the easy way out. Whether they will be visible or not depends on your DNA, but there's no harm in trying.

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Here are a few exercises Simon recommends: glute raises and Romanian deadlifts. To help with shedding the fat, you can do HIIT (high-intensity interval training) three times a week for 20 minutes. Plus, you know, stop eating all thing things you love (kidding, sort of).

In an interview, Dr Amanda Wong-Powell, who developed the "V-spot "treatment to create dimples through targeted liposuction, explained that with butt enhancement being so on trend, "many people are realizing that lifted buttocks only look good if paired with a sexy sculpted lower back—one fails to look good without the other."

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Well, now you know. We'll leave you as you pose in the mirror to see if you can spot your little back dimples.

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