15 Wine Charms That Will Ensure You Never Sip Out of A Stranger’s Glass Again

15 Wine Charms That Will Ensure You Never Sip Out of A Stranger’s Glass Again

Because sipping someone else’s Chardonnay is just socially awkward.   

By Sharon Rowley

We’ve all been there. You’ve invited a few friends over for book club—the wine is poured, you dash into the kitchen to retrieve the tray of grilled prosciutto wrapped figs that you lovingly prepared according your favorite Martha Stewart recipe, you head back into the living room to pass the tray around to your gal-pals, and then… wait… where is it? Where did you leave your darn wine glass? Why is it that every time you set down your glass, you can’t remember where you left it?

You ask around, “Is this anyone’s glass?” No one can be sure…“maybe”…“maybe not.” What’s a hostess to do? Take a sip from the unclaimed glass and hope that no one is two days shy of coming down with the Type A flu? Get a new glass and risk offending your besties that you are afraid of their germs? And perhaps worst of all—do you dump out good wine? NEVER! Fortunately for all of us, it never has to come to this. With these hilarious wine charms, you’ll always know which glass is yours, and so will all of your guests. Perfect hostess gifts as well, these charms will ensure no one is double sipping and they function as great conversation starters, too.

Vintage Women Wine Charms That Tell It Like It Is

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Social Climbing Koalas and Sloths

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What’s Your Personality? Wine Charms That Announce Who You Are

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Wine Is Life…Ain’t That the Truth

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Sassy Girlfriends Charms for Your Sassy Girlfriends

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Because You Love Life…With Wine

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Let Your Guests Get Creative

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Charms Your Sarcastic Friends Will Appreciate

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For Book Club (aka Wine Club)

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For Those Moments When You’re Not Texting

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Because We’d All Rather Be At the Beach

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An Obvious Choice for Cat Lovers!

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Write Your Own Witty Comment with a Wine Glass Writer

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Our Sentiments Exactly

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Tween Talk, Obvi

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