Sweat-Proof! We Found the 6 Best Wireless Headphones for Your Fitness Routine

Sweat-Proof! We Found the 6 Best Wireless Headphones for Your Fitness Routine


By Liz Kennedy

If you are anything like me, you need an epic playlist in order to even consider working out. And if you’re also like me, you cannot be bothered with the ear buds that never seem to stay put while you sweat it out or bulky headphones that weigh you down while you’re trying to get your workout on. That’s why I’m super excited by the invention of wireless sport headphones–we now live in a world where headphone cords won’t get in the way of our bench press, we can sweat all over our ear buds without them going on the fritz, and we can get speaker quality sound for our pump up playlist. If these headphones don’t make you want to work out I don’t know what will.


Jaybird X3


A pair of fitness headphones that simply get the job done? Yup, we found them. These sweat-friendly headphones won’t move when you move and definitely deliver on sound. Added bonus? They’re helmet compatible. 

Design: Seamless. With a ton of combinations to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a fit that is personalized to your ear. 

Sound: Like the design, the sound on the Jaybird X3 is totally customizable. If you like to play around with your bass settings, these headphones are for you. 

Charge: 8 hours of playtime before you need a charge.  

BUY FROM: Amazon, $118.99


Beats by Dre Powerbeats3 Wireless


Want the quality sound you know and love from Beats headphones without the bulk? These workout-friendly headphones are made for our sweaty friends who need a barely-there look and feel. 

Design: Fits like a glove thanks to hooks that let you situate them perfectly in your ears. 

Sound: If you’ve ever tried other Beats by Dre headphones you know the sound is unbeatable. 

Charge: 12 hours, which is unheard of for wireless headphones. 

BUY FROM: Apple, $199.95


Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless


These headphones will not only give you perfect sound for your favorite tunes but they’ll also track your heartrate as you power through your workout. 

Design: They’re comfortable but a tad on the bulkier side. That being said, you don’t have to jam the buds into your ears like most brands.

Sound: You’ll enjoy the same amazing sound that you would expect from any Bose headphones, but they also let in some ambient noise, which is great for biking and running outside. 

Charge: You only get 5 hours with these headphones. 

BUY FROM Amazon, $199


Plantronics BackBeat Fit


Sweat and water-proof these are perfect for those of us who sweat hard. 

Design: Super lightweight! The headphones are not the most comfortable of the bunch, but for the price, it’s a nice fit. 

Sound: The sound is better than expected given the low price. But because there isn’t a perfect seal on the earbuds, some ambient noise does make its way in. 

Charge: 8 impressive hours of tunes. 

BUY FROM: Amazon, $84.99


Jabra Elite Sport


Need to be totally cordless and free when you workout? We found you the perfect pair. These buds are definitely designed for athletes as they not only provide sound, but track your heart rate, count your reps, and even alert you if you’re overtraining. Say what?

Design: If you hate cords, you’ll love these because they surprisingly stay in place. They do, however, take a little while to get used to as the buds are bulky. 

Sound: Heavy emphasis on the bass, which is great for killer workouts. They also adjust volume automatically to minimize background noise.  

Charge: About 3 hours, which isn’t great, but they come with a free portable charging case. 

BUY FROM: Amazon, $199.99


JBL Reflect Mini Bluetooth Sports Headphones


On a budget? These headphones provide great comfort, sound, and charge. Plus, they have a reflective cord to keep you safe at night. 

Design: Lightweight and very comfortable no matter the workout or the amount you sweat. Plus, the ear buds don’t stick out of your ears and stay put as you move. 

Sound: The sound is balanced and clean and the headphones reduce surrounding noise.  

Charge: 8 hours of your favorite tunes. 

BUY FROM: Amazon, $79.95


Kicker EB400 Bluetooth Ear Buds


Training for a tri? These are your headphones because they are 100% waterproof (with an IPx7 rating). 

Design: These come with three sets of silicone ear tips, so you can custom-fit your phones to your ears. The adjustable ear bands also mean the buds will stay put during even the most rigorous workout.

Sound: Kicker is all about that bass, and we recommend a rap-heavy playlist.

Charge: 8 hours, and a micro USB charging cord is included.


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