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Chantelle: I Just Wanted Demetria Gone

Chantelle explains why she got so mad at Demetria during the Hamptons dinner.

By Chantelle Fraser What made you decide to you apologizing to Arzo for the “Afghan Hound” comment?

Chantelle Fraser: I apologized to her, because she seemed genuinely hurt by my comment. I didn't realize Arzo was that sensitive (considering how quick she is to dish insults out). It got to the point where she was continuously jabbing insults at me as a result of our initial argument. I like to live in the present. I simply got bored of "Afghan houndgate." Did you feel like her apology to you was sincere?

CF: In the moment it felt sincere, and we had a nice time for the rest of the trip. Our pogo stick competition was fun, and we had a few laughs. However, subsequent interactions, including her continued name calling, leads me to believe that this belief was misguided. You really seemed to go into protective mode over Geneva. Can you explain what led up to your blowup with Demetria during dinner?

CF: Yes, I am am not a passive aggressive person. I face issues head on and am not intimidated by anyone or afraid to voice my opinion. Geneva was disinvited to the wedding, because she "didn't control me." The nerve! That's an insult in itself. I cannot be owned by anyone nor am I Geneva's child.

Demetria Thinks Chantelle Should Mind Her Business

Demetria was being passive aggressive hiding behind Greg, and it was clearing a control tactic asking Geneva to apologize to HER man to negotiate her way back into the wedding. (Manage your own relationship, Demetria!) Also, I'm not buying it that Greg can dictate to Demetria who she invites to her wedding. Come on, people! I would laugh in my man's face if he tried to disinvite my best friend from my wedding. Secondly, Daisy having a breakdown in the afternoon because of Demetria's dispassion toward her really affected me. At that point, I just wanted Demetria gone.

Daisy Thinks Demetria Is Heartless Were you surprised when Demetria decided to leave the Hamptons house early?

CF: No not at all. She is another one that can dish it but can't take it.

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