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Chantelle: It Was About Her Face, Not Her Race

Chantelle explains her Afghan Hound comment.

By Chantelle Fraser How often do you get to see your brother?
Chantelle Fraser: I see my brother about twice a year in England. We have a big family Christmas. I am very close with my brother and my whole family. How did you feel when you saw Arzo react the way she did to the news about Geneva’s arrest?
CF: Ugh! Arzo is such a wild card. I don’t understand why she thought the situation was funny. I think it's despicable to revel is someone else’s misfortune. She did not have the full facts about the story but clearly found it utterly hilarious. Arzo and Melyssa were behaving like school bullies--very low class. Arzo high five'd Melyssa for getting arrested five times, so I don’t know why I expected any better.

The Ladies React to Geneva's Arrest Explain what you meant when you called Arzo an Afghan Hound.
CF: Honestly, very poor choice of dog. Afghan Hounds are graceful, elegant dogs of extreme beauty, and I want to make a public apology to all of the Afghan Hounds and their respective owners, because this girl certainly has no pedigree. If I had my wits about me that day, I would have called her something more fitting...maybe a Scrappy Doo, LOL. Jesting aside, it was about her face, not her race.

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