Daisy: It's Hard for Party People to Sit Still

Daisy wonders if wedding pressures are what led to Greg's freakout. 

Bravotv.com: How did it feel to get the clean bill of health from your doctor?
Daisy Lewellyn: When Dr. Schwartz told me that he didn't find any new cancer cells, it was such a relief. When you have cancer, you never really know if the next news will be positive or not so great. I have learned to celebrate every single medical achievement along the way, both big and small. God has been so faithful during the process, blessing me with all-star parents and terrific cancer cheerleaders like Mica.

Bravotv.com: What’s been the most unexpected part of managing your cancer?

DL: It's been really difficult dealing with the unknown. How will I feel this morning, then how will I feel an hour later? I love the sun, but chemo makes your skin so sensitive. I had to stay out of the sun for the most part. When I just couldn't stand it, I would load on my sun hat, a chic parasol from Chinatown, and LOADS of sunblock. God always provides a solution for every single problem.

Bravotv.com: What went through your mind when Greg tried to have Chantelle kicked out of the book signing?
DL: I was like, what is happening?! I thought one word...Groom-zilla! I have always known Greg to be a fun, playful, happy guy. I honestly never saw this side of him. Maybe he is stressed over the wedding. I'm sure planning lends loads of pressure. I know he loves his woman Dee Dee, but eesh la policia?! It was really an awkward situation. It was a great night for Demetria, but unfortunately it's hard for party people to sit still (in silence) for so long in a club setting. Maybe a theater or stadium setting would have been a little easier to play students, because it felt like we were being thrown in a silence detention. I felt bad for Chantelle. She's just trying to make friends and had a really good question to ask Demetria. I really wanted to hear her insight, but they shut it down daddy down down down. By the time I got my chemo pills, I was ready to shake a tail feather and do a celebratory dance. My motto remains...#SpreadLoveItsTheBrooklynWay

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