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Geneva: Women Deserve to Experience Real Pleasure

By Geneva S. Thomas Tell us about Jawbreaker!

Geneva S. Thomas: Jawbreaker is a digital media startup for it girls in control. It's a news site with daily content on celebrity culture, style picks, beauty tips, and issues that matter with an exciting and empowering take on men and sex! What made you want to start the new site?

GST: There's a new girl most women's magazines miss. She doesn't want to read another tip on how to find a man or how to take her career to the next level, and for God's sakes she's over articles like “How to lose weight in 8 days!” She's over being told she's not good enough or that she needs to fix something about herself. These are headlines on most women's magazine right now, like literally! Jawbreaker is the antithesis of that. We're speaking to women at eye-level with provocative, empowering, and timely content that makes her feel like the in control, cool it girl she actually is! In between original content, including exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes moments, Jawbreaker is also doing the work of shifting a narrative on sex from shame to excitement. Women deserve to experience real pleasure during sex. Women deserve to be in the driver's seat during sex. Women also deserve to laugh and gag about wild and awkward tales on sex, because they've probably been there! They're few sites serving under 40, single career girls with this content.

I once read a quote that said something like, "Never start a business just for the money. Start a business because it fills a need." Jawbreaker fills a need, and that's why it's here right now for women everywhere. And let me tell you, this is my ultimate career dream! I see Jawbreaker getting acquired by a major media conglomerate within the next five years. Of course, I'll maintain the majority of my equity coin! BANG! BANG!

Is Geneva the Next Dr. Ruth? You mention that your mother is a sex therapist. How has that shaped your views on sex?

GST: OMG! Where do I even start? I'll tell you two funny stories.

When I got my period at 13, my mom threw me a party. Yes, a damn party! There was '90s music, soul food, and tampons everywhere, and I was beyond embarrassed! For the first 30 minutes, I was sitting there like, "I do not want to be here! Baby Jesus make me disappear!" But in the end, it made me start the journey of celebrating being a girl and all of our wonders at a very young age. There was no shame in carrying Always pads in my little backpack in 8th grade. It was a celebration, because I was becoming a woman!

When I was 19, I called my mom and told her some big news. I was in love with my college sweetheart. Of course, he turned out to be an ---hole, but in that moment he was everything, and I wanted to give him the gift of my goodies, AKA burst my cherry bomb, AKA I wanted to lose my virginity, dammit! My mom immediately put me on three-way with two of her other therapist friends, and they all told me to start masturbating. There was a strong record scratch. I went "Umm what the hell?!" I was beyond shocked. But the real tea she was giving me was,"Little virgin G, you can't teach a man how to please you if you can't please yourself!" Basically my mom gave me the license to masturbate, and later she gifted me with my first sex toy. My mom always taught me to put myself first when it comes to men, when it comes to my career, and everything! She's the best mom in the world, and she's my one true bestie!

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