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Don't Mess with Tori

Courtney was glad she had her BFF with her at Fashion Week for many reasons...

Ahhh, fashion week. MY. HAPPY. PLACE.

There's really nothing that gets me more excited than fashion (well, maybe guacamole and a tall, southern man…), but if I must be honest, it’s not just the beautiful clothes and the fantasy of wearing them. For me, at this point in my life, it was about leaving Dallas and venturing into a new city for a couple days and seeing what the future may hold.

Every year prior, fashion week had been a vacation for me. A time to play dress up, drink champagne, hang with my fashionable friends, and eat at spectacular restaurants, all while gazing at the runways and dreaming of a fashionably filled closet. But this year was different. For the first time, it wasn't a vacation. It wasn't playtime. I was there for work. But lucky for me, my work doesn't involve a cubicle…it’s actually a crossover with the one thing I love the most!

[video_clip_url:]And having my best friend, Tori, in tow was essential this year. I knew she would see New York Fashion Week through different eyes than I did. I knew she could encourage me like no one else can. And most importantly, I knew Tori would help make my work FUN! But when it came to the Carmen Marc Valvo show, Lord have mercy, was I glad to have her by my side. I hadn't heard what she said to defend me until I saw the show…and now I realize even more, isn't that what friends are for?! [video_clip_url:]

Thankfully, fashion week was a success -- saw some shows, nailed my Bauble Bar meeting, and even had time for a night out on the town. But who knew when I got back to Dallas that A) my work would really be cut out for me regarding the Bauble Bar collection (more of that to come!), and B) that Matt would make an attempt to step back into my life…yet again. (LOTS more of that to come, too!)But, for me, you will see that fashion will continue to be my therapy over the next couple of episodes. It’s the place that allows me to escape. For some people it’s golf, or college football, or yoga, or cooking…but for me, it’s playing dress up in my closet. Call it a vain hobby if you will, but there's one thing that's for sure: Its consistent…

…and it’s the one thing that I can depend on, for now.

(To shop all my looks you saw on tonight's episode, don't forget to visit my blog, "What Courtney Wore," at!)Can't see the EventBox? Click Here.

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