Brielle Biermann's Bikini Bod Secrets

Brielle Biermann's Bikini Bod Secrets

Sadly it's not eating cheeseburgers.

What are Brielle Biermann's Bikini Bod Secrets?

If you follow Don't Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak-Biermann's daughter, Brielle, on social media, then you've noticed that she's definitely ready for summer:

But getting that bikini bod wasn't easy due to a certain guilty pleasure: "As you guys are probably aware, I love to eat cheeseburgers all day, every day. Well, can't do that anymore."

So how has she replaced that burger-shaped hole in her heart? Begrudgingly, with cucumber salad and spinning: "You have to stick to healthy things, like this nasty cucumber salad. And spin class. I love spin class. I do it at least three times a week."

And if you're in need of some advice on how to perfectly capture that hard-won beach bod, just follow Brielle's patented selfie tips:

How to Take a #Selfie, Biermann Style
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