Brielle Biermann's Favorite Easy-to-Make Spicy Dish

Brielle Biermann's Favorite Easy-to-Make Spicy Dish

And no, it isn't Chick-fil-A. 

Kim Zolciak-Biermann's daughter Brielle is anything but quiet about her favorite foods. From Chick-fil-A to cheeseburgers, she's all about savor and flavor in her foods. But as far as homemade favorites go, Chef Tracey Bloom's Sriracha steak sandwich takes the cake. Check out her full recipe here:

Sriracha Steak Sandwich


Fresh bakery bread or baguette

1 8oz filet  beef tenderloin), sliced thin

5 tbs Sriracha 

1 tbs oil

4 slices of any cheese (we use white American)

Salt and pepper to taste


I prefer a grandma griddle, but any pan will do. Get the pan real hot and add beef, oil and Sriracha. Cook it till you like it, then turn off heat and add cheese. Put it on your bread. Brielle likes a little Sriracha mayo on hers. You can just add Sriracha to a little mayo and stir. 

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