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Cameron: Thrown Under the Bus

Cameron explains why he was so disappointed in Christos' handling of the Billy situation.

By Cameron Silver

I know Dukes of Melrose is not a dramatic as RHOA, but as Britney Spears so eloquently said "I'm not that innocent." Besides, a little drama often yields to a breakthrough and makes for entertaining TV. Let's be honest: this show would be like watching paint dry if I didn't give you my certain je ne sais quoi on every episode. However, unlike a cat, I don't necessarily have nine lives, so as Christos continues to throw me under the bus, I must be like Lazarus and rise from the grave he is often digging for me.

Case in point: the meeting where I confront the staff on my disappointment for many not replying to  my TWO invitations via email to attend the VIP opening at Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles of THE TOTAL LOOK: The Creative Collaboration between Rudi Gernreich, Peggy Moffitt, and William Claxton. I really made an effort to make sure the Decades team could be part of the exclusive opening. My professional life goes far beyond the fabled Melrose walls of Decades. I am a busy Creative Consultant/Director for many luxury brands, an active philanthropist and arts patron, a best selling-author (my book, Decades: A Century of Fashion is already in its second printing), a narrator (you must watch Versailles 73: A Fashion Revolution), the wonderful documentary I narrate), and now I can add curator to my eclectic resume. I couldn't take the team to Cannes for the premiere of Versailles 73, but I wanted them at the debut of my exhibit.

When questioned as to why so many had ignored my email to be my guest, it was only Billy who responded in a disrespectful and flippant manner. I called him out on it. Ideally I should have immediately terminated the meeting and taken Billy aside for a one-on-one conversation to express my frustration on his behavior, but I was in the moment and quite frankly pissed. Aside from Billy's behavior, it really was Christos that disappointed me the most. He did not act like my business partner. He was unable to be objective and realize that an employee should not treat his boss in such a manner. Christos elected to not stand by me, but placate Billy, throw me under the bus, and then utter the four most disturbing words I have ever heard between an employer and employee: "I LOVE YOU BILLY"...made even more odd as they were said while hugging and stroking Billy's shaved head. As Christos would say, "Talk about a situation." I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth.  In Billy's interview, it appears that our "breakthrough conversation" on the couch may have not been sincere on his behalf, but so be it. At least he replies to my emails now!

Why did I care so much to want Team Decades at the opening? A moment of fashion history occurred the night THE TOTAL LOOK opened: it was Vidal Sassoon's last public appearance before his death. Vidal famously created Peggy Moffitt's iconic hairstyle, and it was very magical to see these two 20th century icons together surrounded by the brilliance of Rudi Gerneich's fashions and William Claxton's legendary photos. The exhibit has gone on to the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, and its next stop is the Cincinnati Museum of Art. Maybe Team Decades will attend one of those openings? Rudi Gernreich changed the way we dressed. Peggy Moffitt changed the perception of cookie-cuter beauty in fashion. William Claxton documented all of the above.  

If you love the future of fashion, you must respect its past. In other words, don't throw trailblazers under the bus.


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