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Good Management is Hard to Find

Cameron Silver extols the virtues of Geoffrey.

Good help may be hard to find, but it's harder to find good management. Fortunately, we found a fantastic store director in Geoffrey Skoglund.

Discovering Geoffrey wasn't easy and certainly the suggestion of Christos to use Craig's List to hire a winner is a reminder that in a cyber world, sometimes it is better to reach out directly to friends in high places and be diligent. Watching Geoffrey's interview is textbook on how to get a job: dress sharp, be confident, articulate your vision, and make your prospective employer smile. It wasn't easy for Geoffrey to walk into the fire and have an audition during the Biba event, but he didn't get much help from Marcus or Billy. Marcus and Billy have to report to Geoffrey. I wouldn't want to be ether of them the day after this episode airs. It's a reminder that you never know who is going to butter your bread, so I would advise those two to butter-up Geoffrey because the boy from Minnesota is your Dairy Queen.