Christos Garkinos

The fashion icon reveals which piece she regrets consigning!

on Apr 17, 20130

Picture it. 1988. A lanky Greek man-boy clad in Docksiders and Calvin Klein jeans tooling around L.A. in his Nissan Sentra. He hears “Real Love” by Jody Watley for the very first time. He stops the car. Cranks the radio. Gets out. And dances his behind off.

Thus began my enduring relationship with Miss Watley. Initially it was one-sided. But over 10 years later, our paths finally crossed when she came into Decades to consign some covetable Azzedine Alaia pieces. I broke my golden retail rule: never talk to celebs about anything outside of the business transaction. How could I not?

We became fast and close friends — bonding over a shared obsession with fashion and music. I've traveled with Jody to gigs in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Vienna. She, in turn, became a sartorial conspirator at Decades.

I’m not the first to be inspired by J.W. Did you know that Jody was Jean Paul Gaultier’s first muse? Or that David Fincher directed her in a video before Madonna picked up on his brilliance? Or that she is quite possibly one of the most stylish ladies in the stratosphere?

Well, now you do.

Christos: How would you describe your personal style?
Jody: Inspired by golden-era Hollywood fused with ’70s glam with my own signature Jody Watley edge.

Christos: Who are your style icons?
Jody: Kate Moss has great individual style that you can tell isn't the product of a stylist. Rachel Zoe has great effortless style. Growing up it was Diana Ross, my mom, Sophia Loren, Bianca Jagger, and many of the Hollywood actresses of the golden cinema era. And in junior high I was influenced by models Janice Dickinson and Beverly Johnson.