Nina Shares Her Second Food Festival Dish

The chef presents a dish you didn't see on-air.

Sorry for the delay. I had a baby last week, so I've been consumed with love to say the least. Oh, surprise -- I was pregnant!

Now on to L.A. Food & Wine. To be a part of the L.A. Food & Wine Festival was an amazing experience. 2,000 servings are no joke. But, without my all-star team, Chef Michael Reed in particular, I couldn’t have executed all those dishes. 

With the theme of the day being "Festa Italiana" most of the chefs showcased pasta and other hearty Italian foods. But since L.A. was in the middle of a 100-degree heat wave, serving two cold dishes seemed like the right choice for the day. In fact, a few repeat customers actually told me that I had the only vegan option in the entire festival.   

Second L.A. Food & Wine dish:

Peach, fennel, lemon pickled red onion, little gem lettuce with lemon champagne vinaigrette

I’m extremely proud of the fact that we were able to execute 2,000 portions of food as that was definitely a first for me. Thanks for reading. See you all next week. 



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