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Jannik: "There Can Only Be One Boss"

Jannik Olander dishes on his clash with Natalie at the Nialaya shoot.

By Jannik Olander How difficult was it working so closely with Natalie on the photo shoot?
Jannik Olander: It’s always difficult to work with a lot of people with strong and different opinions. I love to involve my staff in their job and show trust by giving them big responsibilities, but at the end of the day there can only be one boss. And then having your girlfriend working there too and having a strong opinion can be a challenge. There's a very fine line between work and private life, and both parties have to understand and respect that. I can forget sometimes, because my work is so important to me and I am very passionate about Nialaya and what I do, and I really want the best. When you are working more often than not, then it’s even harder and it requires a lot of trust and understanding from your partner. It was difficult at this particular shoot, because I felt Natalie was trying to take control, but then again I now understand that she also just wanted the best for Nialaya and for the business. I just hate when the other girls at my office get involved, that’s a no go, and I got really annoyed about that. It also requires a special balance to work for your boyfriend while also being a colleague to a lot of other girls. There is a very fine line, and I don’t think any of my other staff should ever be involved in private issues between me and Natalie. That I would just never allow, and at that point I really have to draw the line. Do you ever regret having your girlfriend work for you?
JO: It can be heard sometimes, but Natalie is a very smart girl. Out of anyone I have ever dated she has the most drive and she is really great to have at the office. It can be challenging sometimes if she wants special treatment, since I have to treat everyone equally at a big office. I can’t give special treatment to my girlfriend. That would create a weird environment at my office amongst my other employees. But Natalie and I had a good talk about that before she started working at Nialaya, and so far she has balanced things very well. Were you happy with how the shoot went?
JO: I was very happy with the shoot. It wasn’t the best we had, but it was in the most beautiful location on the beach in Malibu and the pictures ended up being great. I do love nature and I love to shoot campaigns outdoors. The models were great -- especially Lily. What did you think of Bleona's White Party bodysuit?
JO: It was a perfect over-the-top performer outfit. I know many people have negative opinions about Bleona, but I have to give her, she doesn’t care what people say about her outfits; she wears what she wants, and even she might not have the perfect super skinny body, I think it’s great that as a woman she stands up, does what she wants, and shows the world you can be sexy the way you are. It was definitely very “Bleona” and perfect for her!

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