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Closing Up Shop

Scotty Brown explains Jeff Lewis' freak out.

Jeff is freaking out!

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I guess everything is piling up on him. I would be freaking out, too. Moving is one of the most stressful things in life. I remember when I was managing Scott Weiland, from the Stone Temple Pilots, we moved around non-stop, from one destination to the other. I didn't know which end was up. Jeff said he has moved over 27 times! That makes him a professional!

When tension and stress start building up, you take it out on the ones closest to you: Chris and the kitty pooper scooper and-- oh yeah-- his change! Jeff was talking about Stephen and his bad attitude, focusing on every one else, and Chris said that Jeff just wanted to yell at someone. Jeff is going to temporarily down size the staff, as he is moving to a smaller place "Ben Lomond", and he won't need as much help. But which one will go: Chris or Stephen?

Well, Jeff has a little sit down with Stephen, and cut him back to twice a week. I was happy about his decision: I would hate to see any of them go. I've grown attached to all of them. Chris and Stephen are especially funny... I loved the rain suit!

Ryan and Nottingham are moving very quickly... unbelievably quick! Looks impossible, but I think he just might do it. What a beautiful family he has, Chloe is adorable. Ryan is always cool, calm, and collected, no matter what is going on. I love watching him, especially when he said, "no more mister nice guy". He just can't help it, he is a nice guy... but he doesn't finish last! It is very hard dealing with staff sometimes. You have to contend with different personalities, moods, problems at home, etc. I was cracking up when Chris was brown-nosing Jeff ("I just want to help the team"), but when they found a little "le toilette" under Jeff's new home-- looks like the workers had been using a place under Jeff's new digs for a toilet for the past couple months-- Chris did not want to "help the team" and shovel the crap... even when Jeff offered him $100! All right, Chris: way to hang tough. He just walked on that request, and I thought Jeff handled it pretty well. Nottingham is getting christened with a psychic visit (love that, only in LA). There was a ghost she detected downstairs. Wild. I love the blessing they did for Chloe's room. Jeff's kids get visited by a pet psychic psychologist. Well, you have to be open minded in life!

The "Mandatory" Appreciation Party was well needed. They had all been through a lot and needed to unwind a little. I take my staff out once a month for a little "spill it time". They get to tell me what's on their mind and I get to (try to) listen. I couldn't do it with out them, and I let them know that. Jeff went down the list and thanked them all. He was very sincere and emotional and apologized for his behavior. He let them know how important everyone was in his life...especially Jenni! Jeff is onto his next project: Los Feliz, one of my favorite places. He says, "I love what I do. I will continue flipping homes while it is the calm before the storm, and the storms getting worse and worse...I know my life". Jeff had gotten himself into some financial difficulty, but with the sell of Valley Oak One he is out of the red. No risk, no gain. Jeff and Ryan really take risks, and that is why they are winners!

Our Wish For You May you always see beauty in the world and hear music every day May you know the touch of gentle hands and walk the peaceful way May the words you speak be loving May laughter see you through May you be blessed with hope and joy, these gifts we wish for you.

Thank You Very Much,

Scotty Brown

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