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Let's Set The Record Straight

Chris Elwood defends the dogs situation.

By Chris Elwood

OK everyone -- dogs are animals and they do things a little differently than we do. When they were PLAYING, I felt confident that things were under control. If you watch and pay attention and don't overreact to a little growling and barking you will see that when I went to take them inside they all walked in calm as can be side by side. If dogs are being too aggressive they will let each other know by doing a lot more than barking and they will not be cool with each other a moment later. I spend all day with these dogs, I walk them every day, I see how they interact, and what each of their personalities are like.

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I love dogs and I ALWAYS go out of my way to insure that Jeff's pets are well taken care of.So for the record, Oliver DID NOT get hurt that day and never got hurt when I was watching him.

By the way the same thing goes for the whole "taking the dogs out" thing, which I will explain. Jeff works out of his home and got all the dogs as puppies so he or myself/Zoila/Chris#2/Bowman/whoever has always been there to take them out every 30 minutes (which is what Jeff wanted). The problem is they never learned to hold their bladders like most dogs and grew accustomed to a routine. Jeff had asked us to get them into a new routine of only going out every hour, well you saw HOW that worked out! And about the ear buds, I had had a discussion about them with Jeff a few weeks before and was told that it was cool but apparently he had changed his mind so we discussed it again and from then on I started taking them out when he was around. He's da boss! Anywho, I hope you all don't hate me after that episode and if ya do then well ... that's your prerogative. I hope you have a great day. Forever and ever yours, Chris

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