Portrait Of A Lady

Portrait Of A Lady

Jenni Pulos' take on the Zoila portrait.

First things first. Zoila is a beautiful woman. One of the loveliest women I have ever known. The portrait was mean-looking. She looked like a boxer. It was not representative of her spirit or her looks. In the future, Jeff should give gifts that people want. My opinion? Zoila should have been able to pick out her own birthday present.

The painting is more of an abstract representation, not a portrait. Jeff did not know it would look so harsh. He felt bad. The painting is in his house now, and it actually is a cool piece of art, it just does not represent the beauty that is Zoila Chavez.

So we quit the Courtney job. It is for the best. She can't make a decision. I was in charge of scheduling all these people who come out, give their time to prepare a bid, and in the back of my mind I started to realize that this was all a COMPLETE WASTE of TIME. She wasn't going to hire anybody. One thing I can say about Jeff Lewis: He works his tail off. He would have been the one to complete that house. All things happen for a reason. I think it was a good lesson for Jeff to see what it is like to work for someone who does not make rational choices or decisions. Also, Courtney had tremendous trust issues, which Jeff constantly battles with (some justified, some not).

The Ben Lomond house was a challenge for Jeff. He bought it when the market was in a different place; he had nowhere to go when he got an offer eight months ago, so now he took a loss. I have learned that all successful people make bad calls. However to maintain success over an entire career (the truly hard thing to do) those individuals make a bad call, learn from it, and make a better call the next time. When you begin to dwell on the bad call and it spins into negative wasted energy is when you are in for trouble. Everyone makes mistakes, take responsibility for them, learn from them, and move forward with knowledge.

The pepperoni pizza argument? I mean please -- variety is the spice of life. I like to mix it up.

I think Jeff could eat El Pollo Loco every day for the rest of his life and be cool with it. All I asked for was one pepperoni and one meatball. Don't I put up with enough that I deserve one pepperoni and one meatball? If you do me one favor, stay tuned for the reveal of the Encino house. It will really be fantastic, I promise. Lorie is a wonderful woman and it has been such a pleasure to work for her. She and her husband are so happy to have a new home that they never imagined would be what it has turned out to be. They are dream clients. I have found a lot of joy in working for them because they are so appreciative and thankful. I believe this is becoming somewhat non-existent in our current society. Too much negativity and not enough of being thankful for how lucky we are.

So that being said, I should shut my mouth and be happy with two pieces of meatball!

Until next week -- I appreciate You


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