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Christiane: Brown Design Office ... Are We Faking It?

What's it really like working for Jeff Lewis?

By Ryan Brown

When you were growing up, how many times did your parents tell you, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is" or "No job is perfect?" Well that's not the case at Brown Design. Sure, we're not perfect, but in the realm of jobs, our office comes as close as it gets.

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When I first started, I instantly noticed how well everyone got along. For me, I think it took a little time to be fully initiated into the group. Now, work sometimes doesn't even feel like work, even though the day is quite productive. I never thought it was possible to check so many items off a to-do list, while still having fun along the way. I think our good morale actually boosts our productivity. And it certainly doesn't hurt that Ryan is a great leader and a great person. It's a rare occasion to see Ryan "flip out." He holds it together better than anyone I've ever met. With so many projects and so many people completing work for our company, I certainly know I would lose it if I was in Ryan's shoes ... and probably on a daily basis. But no matter what, he manages to treat those around him with the greatest respect and always makes everyone's role feel important.

Unlike Brown Design, Jeff's office is run out of his house. I once tried to bargain with Jeff to work for him for a day, so I could see what a day in the life of Jeff Lewis would entail, but it never happened. From what I have seen, there is definitely more drama over there. People get hired and fired and people yell at each other. But let's face it: Jeff's office wouldn't feel "normal" without the drama. And at the end of the day, in their own unique, dysfunctional way, I think everyone working for Jeff works hard and secretly has a good time ... at least some of the time!

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