Sticking To Design

Sticking To Design

Ryan Brown talks about Valley Oak and Pamela the psychic.

This week we got to meet Jeff's youngest client, 11-year-old Erin. Although she's young, she has no problem standing up to Jeff and telling him what she wants in her room -- even orange walls! The two did compromise on pink instead, but when the two shades of pink turned out to not have much contrast, Jeff received a stern voicemail from Erin. Funny, right? He better stay on top of his game to make sure she's happy.

Valley Oak is finally finished and we had our first showing with the real estate agents. We only have one chance to impress them -- after all, they are the ones who bring the buyers. It's important to create a space that buyers can see themselves in, so the plants, flowers, furniture, and accessories need to be perfectly placed. I think we really wowed the agents with our first open house. They could appreciate the workmanship and the attention to detail that we put in every one of our projects. You can see all the final photos of Valley Oak at

To speed up the sale of Valley Oak, we even brought in Pamela the psychic. She sensed the angry spirit of the past owner who apparently liked his house better prior to our remodel. She shook me up a little when she started choking during the exorcism, but I'll be happy we went through with it if the house sells quickly.

Courtney's back! After speaking with Jeff last episode about bringing us back on board, we've begun work on her Hancock Park house again. So to avoid any further conflicts, Jeff and I decided that I would work with her in designing the house and Jeff would act as project manager. After as you saw before, the two of them are like oil and water So far, things are going much more smoothly. Courtney and I get along pretty well, joking as we go about the monumental task of refurbishing her historic mansion. Are the good times going to last? Guess you will have to wait and see ...

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