Stuck In The Revolving Door

Stuck In The Revolving Door

Find out what Jenni thinks of Shawn, Sarah, feng shui, and more.

So the hiring process at Jeff Lewis’ office is as follows:

No resume? Come on down!!!

No references? Welcome aboard!!!

Ex con? YOU ARE HIRED!!!

I hope Sean learned a valuable lesson and I hope he will move on and be successful at whatever he chooses to pursue. I love that I was concerned with Sean not finding out that I told Jeff, but America just did…they don’t call it REALITY television for nothing. Ditzy with Sarah is an issue. I’m still here, ditzy is clearly not an issue. Hang in there Sarah!

Jeff had a lot of things going wrong… not being able to keep an employee in the “revolving door," misplaced dryer vents, his car being towed, Vlad, dog pee, the economy.

The bright spot? El Taco Loco! Notice a theme here? El Pollo Loco, El Taco Loco, Jeff seems to be attracted to and attract everything with the word “loco” in it. Couldn’t we focus on El Taco Calmo? El Taco Real Estate on the Upswingo? I can always dream.

7 1/2 years, no desk, no pictures, no computer, Jeff’s way! Don’t worry, I am in therapy. Tess tried to put it in check, I did get to put a picture up of my dogs for a couple months, then it became that I wasn’t working enough days to justify the picture being there all the time so I brought it home. Sarah is a bright blonde light.

Tune in next week. Bad bacon promoted me? Team Jeff Lewis.

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