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I'm Not A Cougar

Find out what Zoila has to say about Shawn, Chaz, and more from this week's episode.

By Zoila Chavez

Hi Bravo. It’s me, Zoila.

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Shawn is a handsome man, he sort of looks like the perfect man, but he's not for me though, he's too young. I’m not a cougar, I flirt for fun. When I was watching this episode and I saw Shawn with Chaz, I didn't want to think bad things, but I said O-M-G. What’s wrong in here with Shawn flirting with Chaz? Maybe it doesn't matter if I’m a cougar, because maybe he’s not into me.

Jeffrey is drama with his cars. He’s drama with everything, he's a drama man. I don’t know why he's saying he doesn't like to eat at a taco truck. Sometimes I like to eat at a taco truck so I say “Welcome Jeff, welcome to Taco Loco!” After seeing what Shawn did, I think it's OK for Jeffrey to fire him. He needs people to work for him who are honest, hard working, and committed. Like me. But when I see Shawn say it’s not about the money and it’s about the pride, I thought he’s crazy. He’s a liar. Maybe he's embarrassed? People work for money, not for pride.

LOVE Tess the Feng Shui girl. I always want to tell a Jeffrey, “you knock my door?” But it’s Jeffrey’s house and I respect him. Thank you Tess for trying.

I think Sarah was nervous on first day and thought that Jeff would get mad. I can't believe that Jeff was SO calm when Sarah spilled the coffee. I’m very surprised. But I’m a housekeeper, not a carkeeper. I’m not cleaning that mess. Sorry, Jeffrey.

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