Try and Make My Job?

Try and Make My Job?

Zoila works hard for the money. She isn't afraid of Roomba, Jett, or Jeff!

Roomba can never make my job. She thought she was a big star, but I don't worry about her. She's not better than I am. Jeff lost a lot of money on her because she going. Bye Roomba. Sorry.

He said I take 8 breaks a day. I'm thinking he's wrong. People need breaks when they work so hard -- like me. I work hard for the money and I need breaks. I'm thinking it's only maybe 4 in a day.

When I cried on the show, I was having a bad day and was sensitive. Jett is a nice boy and he works hard in the house. We argue but it's normal. I argue with Jeff too. I miss him when he's not working because I have to work even harder. It's all better now. OK, no more. Jeffrey is yelling at me to get back to work. Bye Bravo people.

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