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Apocalypse Meow

Jett gets the short end of the pooper-scooper.

By Jett Pink

In this episode we see Sarah having a really rough go of it throughout her training process. Her ability to take Jeff’s criticism and somewhat unorthodox punitive measures is truly impressive. It can be tough to watch Jeff speak coarsely to Sarah or Jenni, because they’re both so nice, but it’s also to be expected. We all know how Jeff is and the stakes we’re dealing with if we screw up. This isn’t a normal office with an HR department and all that stuff. This is just one guy calling all the shots - a guy that can be a real reactionary if you catch him on a bad day.

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Watching Jeff clean the disgusting cat sand box was a hoot. There’s proof that while Jeff prefers to delegate the majority of the day’s minor tasks, when the situation calls for it, he will step in there and handle it himself. I had to stop by Citrus later on that day and put fresh cat sand in the box. When I walked into the apartment, it smelled like the apocalypse.

While Jeff and the girls are out having lobster enchiladas and other culinary masterpieces from Casa Vega, I’m usually stuck at Valley Oak eating fast food and listening to Zoila tell me how boring I am. For all her complaining about how Jeff treats her, the separation anxiety sets in as soon as he’s gone for twenty minutes. She totally misses him when he’s not there micromanaging her dusting ability. Pretty much our only lunch entertainment was when Monkey jumped on the table and did his weird double-jointed leg straight up in the air licking thing that cats do. That cat’s got no manners.

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