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Boredom and Booze

Jett gives his take on this week's alcohol adventures.

By Jett Pink

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Early on in this episode, Jeff has a major scare when Jenni almost loses his day planner. Sarah puts it well when she says that there's really nothing worse that an employee can do, since Jeff’s entire business is within those pages. The obvious workaround to avoid this dilemma in the future would be to transfer the data onto some sort of digital format. In all likelihood that is never gonna happen though, as Jeff would rather write everything down with a pen onto paper and pay someone to guard it with their life. Thank god for all of us that the book was found. 

Trace's graduation was a long, drawn-out affair that we made bearable with help from our favorite boredom cure -- booze. We were all real proud of the boy though and were happy to show our support. Trace graduated, then started his full-time job the day after. Ouch! After I graduated from college I wanted to take some time to pursue some other passions before I settled into the job force full time. And that's been going on for almost seven years now. I'll get around to that real job thing at some point. 

Whoa, Chuck seriously slapped the $#!t out of Trace! That was pretty gnarly, but Trace handled it like a pro. They were seriously at a few different bars for like four hours that day. I was impressed that Trace was able to "entertain" the client for that long without getting hammered himself. I would have caved and started throwing them back much earlier on. 

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