The Casa Vega Cure

The Casa Vega Cure

The key to cheering up Jeff Lewis? Lobster enchiladas.

The first thing that people should be aware of when contracting with JLD is that you get what you pay for if not more. Jeff works closely and personally with our clients. He then takes their vision and budget and creates a fabulous work of art.

It's not our fault if a client's vision goes beyond their budget, which is what happened with the Knoll project. Of course we do not generally stalk ex-clients, but Jeff just could not resist. I think Jeff was slightly jealous when he saw the other construction company's sign. The only thing that he could think of after officially learning that we lost the Knoll project due to lack of budget is Casa Vega...and those lobster enchiladas.

Next, off to Casa Vega. The plan: Get Christy to invite us for lunch. The result: It didn't go so smoothly due to my poor short-term memory. In the end, we did manage to get invited for another lovely lunch though. I think at this point, Christy is becoming suspicious of our subtle hints.

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