Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Zoila tells us why it was her best birthday ever!

Jeffrey is afraid I'm going to escape.  If I was going to escape, I wouldn't go to New York.  I don't have any family there or know anybody.  And then who would clean his house?  Maybe it's his way of telling he's worried.  I don't think he can find another person to work with him. They'd last one week maybe, but no more.  Sorry Jeffrey, you're stuck with me.

I thought when Jeffrey invited me to the hotel that I could do whatever I like.  I opened up the fridge and I tried the snacks and the water.  I didn't know he would have to pay for it.  In the room there was a book which you can use to call a person and order food too.  I ordered breakfast, I ordered lunch, I ordered dinner, I had desserts.  It was so nice because I didn't having to cook the food or clean up the dishes. Did he pay for that too?

It felt good to go shopping and get new clothes.  I went to the roof of Rockefeller Plaza and took pictures of the view. It was so beautiful.  I went in the train underground, and now I know my way around the city.  I went to Little Italy and had a coffee to relax. I walked to China Town and did some shopping and bought a suitcase.  I started thinking thinking this was my time to escape, but no, I went back to Jeffrey.  He needed me.

When he was telling me about being a nanny when I'm 70, I thought he was crazy.  Jeffrey has been talking about baby for a long time.  I can be a nanny, but when you have a baby you need more energy.  I hope I can take care of him and the baby.  He needs to hurry though because by then, I may be in a mental hospital.

This was the best birthday ever. Sometimes I have a celebration, but not like this one. Going to New York, flying first-class, having dinner, shopping, room service...sometimes he's crazy, but I love Jeffrey Lewis.  He's a nice man.

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