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Can't Touch This

Zoila thinks Barb needs to follow MC Hammer's advice when it comes to Trace.

By Zoila Chavez

I hate airplanes. When I watched this episode, seeing Sarah get so scared with the sirens going off in the little baby airplane, I was thinking, "Poor Sarah!" I was so happy that I'm the housekeeper. No way am I going on those trips to see clients. And then Jeffrey texting her "you're going to die." Is this normal?

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Jeffrey didn't believe me when I kept telling him that a coyote was outside the door in the morning when I woke up. It's the same door where I take the dogs out. The coyote had to poo outside the door one morning for him to believe me. I keep telling everyone he's a crazy man. Suddenly when he saw that, Jeffrey started shipping in pee from other animals to put around the house and keep the coyotes away.

Then that crazy man found out that he could just use his own pee, and it would do the same thing. So then he tried to make everyone pee in a container. So disgusting. But it's not working anymore. Today, a coyote was pooing outside the house again. Sorry Jeffrey, your plan isn't working.

Tracey is doing a good job, he's doing very well. I'm always so busy cleaning the house so well that I don't get to see Tracey working. But when I watch the episodes, I'm very impressed. He knows a lot about the houses and the design. I think it's good that he's helping Jeffrey with the clients. He's very talented, and he's a nice young man.

It's funny for me to watch Tracey get hugged by the new client, Barb. She seems like a nice, sweet lady, but she doesn't know about Tracey. Do you remember that song, "U Can't Touch This" by Mr. Hammer? She needs to learn about this song. He doesn't like be touched.

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