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Episode 5:'s Assistant Editor counts down this week's top three moments.

No. 3 Sippin' on the Haterade

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Seriously, what does Stacey have against Jenni? I have a feeling this might go down as an unsolved mystery, but I can't help bringing it up. It seems like Stacey wants to joke around and have fun banter with the JLD team (as Jeff pointed out). And if that were the case, you'd think she and Jenni would be two peas in a comic pod. The only concrete problems Stacey mentions have to do with Jenni's hair and style. But are these really such egregious issues as to cause her to ask Jeff not to bring Jenni along? Perhaps we'll learn more as the season goes on, but for now I remain stumped.

No. 2 Panty Dropper

Only Jeff Lewis would feel comfortable sifting through his maid's dirty panties. So comfortable in fact that he'd decide to try a science experiment with them to see if they attract more flies than some raw meat. Yes, you read that correctly. With Jett's help, Jeff created a concoction called "The Big Stinky," which included Zoila's panties, and hung it in the yard. I wonder if the stench ever wafted into the neighbor's yard, because that could lead to a very awkward situation.

More awkward however was Zoila asserting that she is not a "dirty bitch." When she comes out with lines like this, one gets the impression that perhaps a little too much of Jeff's inappropriateness has rubbed off on her. 

No. 1 You're Fired

It was a sad day at Jeff Lewis' office when Sarah got fired. While it may have been a long time coming given all of Jeff's frustrations with her, it was still kind of shocking. It was one of those things you never thought would actually happen. At least it wasn't done in anger though, and Sarah seemed to handle it well (even though they both seemed to be on the verge of tears). The most moving part of all this however was Zoila calming Jeff down and reassuring him that they made the right decision. Oh, Zoila, always the voice of reason even after your boss hung your panties on a tree!

Next week it looks like Sarah might not be the only person leaving JLD when Jeff and Gage confront Trace about his behavior.

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