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Poop Jokes

Jett hopes he will always appreciate some good potty humor.

By Jett Pink

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It's been a while since a Flipping Out episode has focused so intensely on a poop incident, and for that reason I found Episode 3 to be quite refreshing. Sure the arguments and the drama bring in most of the viewers, but repeatedly making fun of someone for clogging a toilet is just good TV. The fact that the person in question was newer to the organization and a touch sensitive on the subject just made it that much more enjoyable. I truly hope I never stop thinking poop jokes are funny. 

I don't think I made a single appearance in this episode, but I do remember when all those shenanigans with Chaz and Sarah went down in real life. Those were some stressful times, I tell you. With Jeff on a deadline and under the microscope at Cole, it was that much more important that none of us make any mistakes. Sarah, who did numerous things correctly every day, was harshly penalized for some errors that she did make. On some days at JLD you can make a little goof and Jeff's pretty cool about it. This was not one of those days. I made darn sure that I was on time every day that week, no matter how heroically I had to drive to make that happen. 

Looks like Episode 4 is going to be exciting. Hopefully not too exciting. Vegas. Oh boy... 

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