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Moles and Clogs and Boobs, Oh My!

Episode 3:'s Assistant Editor counts down this week's top three moments.

Boobs, burritos, and loose moles… This may have been one of the grossest episodes of Flipping Out ever. (Yes, even grosser than when Zoila touched Monkey's hole.) Just another great day at Jeff Lewis' office!

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No. 3 Holey Moley

While Zoila's molting moles may not be my favorite moment from the episode, it is by far the grossest. Who knew that would be the side effect of all her plastic surgery? Ew. And of course, in true Jeff Lewis fashion, no one could let it go. So throughout the entire episode all we hear about is how Zoila needs to changer her sheets in case there are moles on them or that maybe the reason the dog is sick is because he ate one of Zoila's moles. I think Trace's face of disgust during lunch said it all.

No. 2 Taco, Burrito…

And while Zoila's moles may be clogging the shower drain, Jeff and Gage both managed to clog the toilet. Again, ew. First Gage clogs the toilet and Jeff practically had a parade to announce it to the world. Seriously though, he even had a client call in a fake accent to taunt him about it. But really, Gage, did you have to share that it was a burrito gone wrong? That is just way too much information (plus it just creates a really gross visual).

Then the tide turns and Jeff gets caught trying to stealthily unclog the toilet, but of course nothing can be kept secret at Jeff Lewis' office for long. Zoila quickly reprimands Jeff about getting his "poo water" from the plunger all over the house. If you're still not grossed out yet, there's something terribly wrong with you. 

No. 1 Bosom Buddies

Nothing says you're a dear friend and a valued employee like getting them a boob job, right? Jeff's clearly hoping to get Zoila "hooker boobs" as NeNe Leakes would call them ("real high, nipples to the sky"). Those inspirational photos Jeff had Gage print out were of course ridiculous. (Did anyone catch that one of the photos was of Jodie Marsh?) In the end she decides on a facelift, although vaginal rejuvenation was also briefly considered. Zoila really does get the best birthday presents!

Next week Team JLD hits the strip club for Sarah's bachelorette and things get a little…uncomfortable for some. 

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