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Bad Boys

Zoila was grossed out by all of Gage and Jeff's toilet clogging.

By Zoila Chavez

I think it was funny when Gage clogged the toilet because of a big burrito. It happened before anyone came to the office in the morning, but Jeff couldn't stay quiet about it. He told everyone about it. After a while, I felt bad for Gage. He looked embarrassed. Jeffrey likes to joke and laugh though. Sorry, Gage.

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Only two or three days later, Jeffrey does the same thing! Bad boys, so disgusting. I think the word is karma? I liked when Jeffrey fixed the toilet though. I don't want to be cleaning the poo plug from the toilets. He was so gross though when he cleaned it in the sink and got poo water everywhere. He is a cochino (piggy)!

Jeff's always giving me nice presents for my birthday. Last year I got my Mini Cooper, this year it was a face lift and eye lift. When he told me I can have a surgery, I was thinking about getting work on my Boo Boo or maybe breast implants. Maybe I could find a nice young man to date or marry? But then I said, I am not a young woman. I decided on a face lift and eyes instead. Maybe I will look younger? I was very nervous, but I was excited because I was thinking, maybe I get to rest for a little while. Maybe I can watch my telenovelas?   

Wonder what I can get for next birthday...


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