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Just a Little Bossy

Zoila wasn't a fan of potential intern Natasha's neediness.

By Zoila Chavez

I think Jeffrey's bringing in interns to work because he needs more help. He has a lot of jobs and needs more workers. When I met Natasha, I said she's tall and pretty. Looks like she can work for Jeffrey Lewis. But Natasha got bossy with me asking for coffee with cream and with sugar. Excuse me? The other intern Ashley came to work late. Hello? I think if it's my first day at work, I come early. Not late. You're working for Jeffrey Lewis, you have to be on time. Jeffrey finds out that Ashley's family has tequila though, and he forgot that she was late. So crazy.

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Sarah is a sweet girl. I feel bad for her sometimes when she makes mistakes. Maybe one day she'll wake up and not make Jeffrey upset. When she was late one day and then I was late, I thought Jeffrey's head was going to explode.  I was scared thinking maybe he'll fire me? He was not even that mad when I made bad bacon that almost killed him.  Sorry, Jeffrey. Next time I won't forget the mail.

I like that Jeffrey sat down with Sarah. He's tough, but he's a nice man. I think that might be the way to help her see. He gave her one more chance because he cares for Sarah. Good boy, Jeffrey Lewis.


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