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Lupe, Lupe, Lupe!

Zoila is sick of hearing about Lupe.

By Zoila Chavez

Jeffrey called me the "pot stirrer," but I just wanting to have fun. I like making jokes and teasing, otherwise the days are boring. So boring.

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I was very worried about the Chaz Dean project in New York for Jeffrey. I didn't care much until he said to me that the cable may be going soon. "Maybe you should return your glasses?"  Sorry, Chaz, no way. I need to watch my telenovelas, and I need my glasses to see the screen. Nobody messes with Zoila's TV time. I said to Jeffrey, "I'll help you call prank the new designer. Give me the number. Maybe we can make them quit?"

Lupe, Lupe, Lupe...I wish Jeff would stop talking about Lupe. I love Lupe too, she helps me out a lot. But Zoila is back, no more Lupe. Sorry. I was excited about jury duty, but I think it was good for me not to go. If I was gone another week, Lupe might have moved into my bedroom!

I was glad Jenni stood up to Stacey, because she needed to stop harassing her. The wig was crazy. You think I wear wigs? No way. And I don't think the necklace was good either. I'm happy that Jenni said what she was thinking.


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