Gage Doesn't Trust Andrew

Andy's "Monumental Meltdown"

Jenni Battles Lewd Snowmen

Jenni: "Crab Meat is Flying!"

Zoila was Kidnapped by "Inappropriate Aliens"

Gage and the Gramercy Drama

Jenni: Alianna is a Miracle

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Mammary Madness at Jeff Lewis Design

Jenni Talks Rough Nipples and Roller-Skating

Jeff Lewis Reflects on Monkey

Jeff and the L Word

"I Did Not Lie to Jeff."

Gage and Zoila's Endless Teasing

Jenni: Dreams Do Come True

Zoila's Tear-Filled Therapy Session

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There is a Time and a Place

Workplace Etiquette

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My Wedding Heaven Meets Jeff's Cash Calculations

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Get Your Kicks on Route Season 6


Grammercy Gardens

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Truck Gas

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Queen of the House

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Hanky Panky and Stinky Pink

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Not Getting the Whole Big Apple

An English Cottage on Acid

Gage Doesn't Trust Andrew

Jenni weighs in on Andrew and Gage's relationship.


Jeff in a green and red mask has too much fun scaring Andrew.
Andrew not being able to catch his breath is a big win for Jeff.
Gage is not amused.

Gage thinks Andrew should find work elsewhere.
He does not see him as a business plus.

Gramercy is now listed to attract a buyer and the landscaping must be completed.

Jeff crank calls his grandmother to relieve stress.
The Fullerton remodel is meeting with grandmother opposition.

Andrew takes charge of Spring Oak’s backyard.
Gage makes it clear he is uncomfortable delegating to Andrew.
He is very vocal about his trust issues.
Jeff does his best to get Gage to lighten up. Sent to Gramercy to oversee landscaping, Andrew is focused on balls.
Gage thinks that entertaining Jeff should not be a business priority.
The landscaping being done well at Gramercy is Gage’s concern.
The pool nearly overflows at Gramercy.
Andrew forgot to turn off the hose.

In Orange County Jeff handles the remodel and an aging family member.

Jeff gets hot at Spring Oak.
Andrew has dropped the ball with the box hedges.

Carrie is brought in to help Patty see Jeff’s vision of the remodel.
Jeff is feeling the burden of being seen as the "source" in family matters.

Gage is not happy with Andrew’s tree placement.

Feeling overburdened Jeff visits Doctor Donna.

Andrew attempts to make peace with Gage.
“I don’t have to like you” is not what he expects to hear.
Cupcakes are Andrew’s peace offering.
Gage says no to eating the cupcakes.
No trust, no cupcake consumption. Andrew has a work victory at Gramercy.
Jeff makes him employee of the week.
Gage is not clapping.

Fullerton is finally finished and it is lovely.
Grandma is very happy, however...
She is extremely focused on the blue pillows.
“I am a fall color person!”
“I’m giving the house to Greg.”
The house he has just remodeled is being given to his brother.
With the blue pillows upstaging all the hard work, Jeff is in mild shock.

At Spring Oak Jeff is entertained by scaring Andrew yet again.
This time it involves an alien bug.


Jeff and I visit Doctor Donna.