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Get Your Kicks on Route Season 6

Jenni gives us her rhyming blog recap of the season premiere.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

Edgar from 3 Twenty Wine spoke with Deb, they were both a big help with the engagement party.

Proper Gift-Giving Etiquette

Jeff's dream house on Gramercy has him writing more checks then he ever imagined.

Jeff wants to take our client Jeanne's closet to the next level and she says NO.

Gage heads the Gramercy project and is so over the magic three TBD.

Zoila is hearing your “lazy, lazy, lazy” and “Lupe, Lupe, Lupe.”

Andrew, a new Design Assistant, is brought into replace Sarah, and we scare him for fun.Our clients Mike and Laura's reaction to the Spring Oak remodel is why sometimes it's a beautiful day at Jeff Lewis' office.

Talk about anything wedding is a hot button, which I can't resist pressing.

How to Watch

Catch up on Flipping Out on the Bravo App.

Vanina, another new Design Assistant, is hearing Jeff say words like helicopter and generator. An improvement over his focus on her bathroom habits.

Gage and generator do not seem to be a match made in heaven.

A sprinkler malfunction and some floor issues cause Jeff's escalating relationship stress.

Going to Blows over This House

Nancy, the new House Assistant, has a drink for us all, and Andrew has to take his to the toilet.Thanking everyone for the wonderful engagement party and for their support!

Jonathan has taught me so much about love, and with that I have shed many tears of gratitude.

My prince was worth the wait!

My mom can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

A Better Fit for Jenni
And now the rhyming blog recap -- that's how I flow, cuz I'm a rapper yo!

Jeff and I are back like old timers
Insulting each other with good ol’ one liners
(Did you just Come from the set of Mr. Rogers?)
Still plugging away at Gramercy
Will he ever move in? Nah, just a fantasy.
Jeff is driving Gage crazy
And yes, he is still calling Zoila lazy
Vanina is the new design whiz
Her bathroom habits are none of Jeff's biz
What else? A new kid on the block
Andrew... and he is not a jock
Scared easily and trying his best
Will he pass the Jeff Lewis Design fraternity tests?

Wait and see...

And as for me, yes, it's true
I'm getting ready to say I do
I found love, we all deserve to
So never give up, no matter what you've been through
Because, my friends, it can happen to youStay tuned for next week:

Will Zoila get fired? Will Gage rethink his prince charming? Will I survive Jeff's helpful hints about my wedding? Join us in Chicago where water runs down the walls, and I like it!
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