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Jeff's New Boyfriend

Jenni was happy to research blow-up dolls for Jeff.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

Crazy Town and a Bridal Gown

Zoila does not clean carpets -- alert the media.

Jeff is very concerned I will not fit into my wedding dress.

“Anyone who lets the dog out, I will slit their throat… literally.”
These are the instructions Jeff’s grandmother, Patty, gives Jeff regarding her remodel
The apple has not fallen very far from the tree.

Carrie and Bonnie are brought in to sell Gramercy.
2995 is the magic number.Jeff’s addiction to the thrill of the flip has Gage reeling.
Spring Oak is now their new home.
Gage is having trouble with the “my way or the highway” of it all.
Will Gage Move Out?

Full wedding mode with Jenny Yoo’s 16 in 1 bridesmaids dresses.
Zoila, Kameron, and my sister, Krisann, have their fittings.

Andrew’s second chance included a hand-delivered wedding invitation.

Jeff loves moving, and change is the name of the game.
Purging is Jeff’s idea of heaven. Zoila not so much.
Having moved Jeff at least 45 times, I am familiar with the drill.
Gage is seeing the real Jeff Lewis in action.
Goodbye, West Knoll! Hello, Spring Oak!Jeff wanting to sell Gramercy is a big disappointment for Gage.
Zoila and Gage compete for the biggest room -- Gage wins.
Zoila calls him bitch and Barbie.

Meanwhile back in Fullerton, Patty shows Andrew and Vanina Jeff’s pre-adult photos.
Jeff is not amused.
Jeff, the Early Years

The amazing dress designer Mark Bouwer is showing me sketches and fabric.
The first fittings for the dress and the tears are flowing.

Carrie, Jeff, and I are looking at a few homes in Malibu that are for sale.
Gage again is not in the loop and temperatures are rising.
Life with Jeff Lewis 101 is proving stressful for Gage, and it shows.Bridal Boot Camp with my personal trainer, Jeanette.
Zoila and I are put though our paces in my back yard.

Gage continues to have issues about the move.
Jeff's thinking if there is a breakup, maybe a blow-up doll will do.
I handle the research and show Jeff the options.
When I discuss male blow-up doll specifics, my entire Greek family is instructed to push the mute button.
Gage's Possible Replacement

Patty’s packed up and old window coverings are now history.

Jeff says his relationship is headed to crazy town.
Spring Oak means postponing parenthood, and this is hard for Gage.Next Week on Flipping Out:

Does Jeff's work please Lisa G.?
Sleepover with Jeff and Jenni

What does the therapist say about Jeff and Zoila at war?
Jeff is Done with Zoila's Attitude

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