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There is a Time and a Place

Jenni Pulos isn't sure about her new HR position.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

I understand males think about sex constantly, but Andrew talks about it constantly! This has caused a real problem in our workplace. His internal edit is malfunctioning easily, and with Jeff as inspiration, we could find ourselves in some legally unpleasant territory. Gage questions Jeff’s need for employees as "in-house entertainers."

Length or Girth?

Jeff receives my thank you note for his very real support. We have a long history. Hope he enjoys the gift of El Pollo Loco chicken!

Lisa G, our new client, stands up to Jeff Lewis like no other. Jeff wants to raise her Calabasas remodel budget -- “I am not raising the fucking budget!” Jeff gets the message.

I talk to our contractor and try to sweeten the deal to lower his bid by offering my costumed rapping services at his children's parties. Vanina heads to Human Resources (me). Jeff publicly calls her bathroom habits into question, and I write several people up. Not sure about my newly appointed HR position. Awkward... Who do I report to? Me?
The Physics of Peeing

How to Watch

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Andrew’s antics have not amused Gage one bit. He leaves work early to pet sit and tries to blame me for work not completed. Jeff explodes.

Andy's Fault or Jenni's Fault?
Lisa G.’s lawyer, Marci, is very clear about inappropriate workplace behavior. Andrew goes way over the edge with tuna fish. Sorry, Nancy!
Andy Crosses the Line

Zoila gives Jeff the finger...showing him it’s injured.

Spring Oak has to pass inspection, and Andrew has forgotten five bags of needed rocks. An unhappy Yorkie in a pink t-shirt is squealing at the job site. The tiny dog is having separation anxiety locked in Andrew's car. Jeff cannot explode because an inspection is taking place.

Andrew is in tears later in the office. Gage says he has no available sympathy. Andy is relieved when Jeff does not fire him. He also cops to the fact he has not been one hundred percent honest...Tune in next week to find out WHO IS THE REAL ANDREW?

Does Andrew Live Multiple Lives?
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