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Zoila's Tear-Filled Therapy Session

Jenni weighs in on Jeff and Zoila's blowout.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

Jeff and Zoila Visit the Doctor

New house equals new Spring Oak scheduling for Zoila and Lupe. 
Jeff’s senior fantasies need some translation.
Teasing Zoila about her offering water, is this a human resources issue?
What exactly Zoila is saying to Lupe is a Jeff concern.

Lupe gets a gift -- a painting of herself from Jeff.
She is wearing a tiara.
Is this a message to Zoila?

Jeff’s brother Todd is planning Jonathan’s bachelor party.

Lisa G. plus an unfamiliar neighborhood and store.
It is all about love/hate in the tile department.

Jeff is concerned about my flaws and quirks being too much for Jonathan to handle.
Luckily our church does pre-marital counseling.
Tests have been taken -- we passed.
Jeff says I’m very complicated.
True that!

Spring Oak now has a cleaning schedule that needs coordination.
A two-page Jeff list for Zoila and Lupe.

Carrie discusses remodeling and its added value with our client, Jeanie.

Jeff tries to use Las Vegas bachelor party stripper scare tactics on me.
It’s not working.Jeff has a 6am-7am routine where daily critical things need to be done.
“This is the craziest part of the day.”
Zoila needs to understand the world according to Jeffrey.
Zoila’s “don’t cry Jeffrey” exit is a serious attitude finger.

Lisa G.’s way to handle Jeff inspires me to talk dirty.
He wants more money for home accessories, and she is not budging.

“Cry, cry, cry for everything.”
Zoila is now an active volcano.
Complaining about her job performance, Jeff adds heat.
Jeff says Gage is doing her work left undone.
He further complains laundry on Sunday has become a "Jeff job."
Both parties discuss medication.

Jeff can’t wait for my wedding to be over...he tells everyone.

My job is all about being a team player.
So I am going for the two buttons undone and dancing to drop dollars.
All this to help Jeff get a better designer discount.

Jeff is upset Zoila has not understood the importance of his list.
Cat poop in the bed and a toilet that performs.
Lisa G’s home reveal -- she says, “I love it...the pain of the last five months was worth it.”
When Jeff’s design talents make people happy, that is the best part of my job!Jeff is cleaning the kitty litter box at Spring Oak.
War is declared.
Jeff feels unappreciated.
Zoila tells him what to do with the gift Mercedes.

Andy feels the need to be compressed in Manx for my wedding.

Lisa G. wants to flip her house now for many reasons.

Zoila and Jeff have a long-needed sit down.
Jeff wants them to go to therapy together.

We spend the night with Lisa G. (full service at Jeff Lewis Design) and Jeff has fun in the window.
Lisa screams.
We really want her to love her new place.

Sleepover with Jeff and Jenni
Doctor Donna, the therapist, listens to Zoila and Jeff.
Obviously there is great care and love in this complicated relationship.
Zoila, who is both mother and maid, sheds lots of tears.
Jeff asks for an "I did the best" validation in the therapy session.
The Most Therapy Means Jeff's the Best

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We are in Chicago and I’m getting married!
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