Who's the Bitch?

Who's the Bitch?

Zoila Chavez sounds off on all the Lupe drama.

"Oh Jeffrey, thank you so much for my bonus." Lupe, Lupe, Lupe. I think she is a kiss-ass.

Hello my Bravo people, it's me Zoila. Nice to see you again. On the episode tonight, I find out that Lupe was saying I am a bitch behind my back. Lupe, I don't think so. To tell the truth though, sometimes I think she is a bitch too. I taught her how to clean Jeffrey Lewis' house. Maybe I taught her to be a bitch too, so it's OK. Sorry, Jeffrey.

Jenni is really happy about her wedding and making the plans. It's so nice to see her so excited. I think Jonathan is such a nice guy, and he's very handsome. Jeffrey was thinking in Chicago that maybe she is spending too much money though. It makes some sense that maybe it doesn't have to be so expensive, but we'll see what happens. She will look beautiful, I'm sure. Maybe I can get some ideas of how my wedding should be too?

See you next time.

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