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Andy's "Monumental Meltdown"

Jenni discusses the lessons learned during the retreat.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos


Gramercy is in need of serious office refocus and repair.
Jeff has us booked on a three day team building retreat in New Mexico.
Andrew's first focus: Criticism of David the spiritual healer's choice of shoes.
Arriving at the retreat, Zoila thinks she's in the jungle with animals.
Reality check: Zoila, you live in LA.
David has four female helpers, and Jeff has fun with the concept.
I try to explain to David that JLD Human Resources is Horror 101.
A bizarre bunch of bananas has landed in New Mexico.

[video_clip_url:]Jeff immediately has a problem with David's request for hand holding.
"I hate holding hands…I feel less close to you when I hold your hand."
David, I hope you are ready.

We begin to reveal our grievances…and there are lots of them.
Jeff is quickly bored and thinks a fake rat will be an Andy plan.
Andy's emotions get some exercise, and I wonder if things will ever change.

We are told to hold Jeff to aid healing.
No Jeff, that was not me touching your ass.
Is this whole thing a waste of time?

A blindfolded wheelbarrow race
My navigation skills are nasty.
Jeff and I lose.
We are all meditating when Gage arrives.
Zoila feels down being separated from her telenovelas.
We are encouraged by David to have a group yellAndrew and Gage open up about their issues.
Jeff clearly sees Andy's talents and admits to needing "a class clown."
Jeff reveals his fake rat and Gage unpacks horror masks.
Andrew running and screaming seems to be the name of the game.
A monumental meltdown
Jeff says scaring people senseless is his form of therapeutic release.
A reappearance of the fake rat has the kitchen occupants in an uproar.
See Andy run. [video_clip_url:]Jeff is quizzed by David on his employee info awareness.
This exercise involves staff throwing water into a bucket held by Jeff.  
David rewards us with wine.

Time to sit in our final circle.
Our leader needs to address his part in our dysfunction.
Voices are raised and emotions are raw.
Gage tells Andy, "I'm not insecure at all."
Prompted by Gage, Andy's emotions explode.[video_clip_url:]See Andy run.
Megan rushes to comfort his tears.
"I just don't belong with this office."
Jeff admits he -- Jeff Lewis-- has a problem with time and place
Which is probably why he understands Andy in a very unique way.
We all pick up Andy as an exercise including Gage, who can't help rolling his eyes.
Jeff says, "We are family."

I think Jeff learned something in New his own special way.
We wave goodbye.[video_clip_url:]At Gramercy Zoila is getting applause and appreciation.
Jeff says we are going to be professional.
New clients a plenty and business is buzzing.
Manhattan Beach consult with Matt and Summer
The Yorba Linda remodel has a portrait of Jeff on the wall.
Jeff's increased client list will make delegation a necessity.

Our fearless leader cannot help himself, and Andy's iPad is bugged.
Andy is screaming waving his arms in the air.
See Andy run.

Following the spiritual healer, Jeff has us consulting Amaya the psychic.
Jeff wants to talk about money, and she tells us I was Jeff's mother.
Lucky for me I don't believe that!

Jeff promotes Andy to Project Manager, and he finally screams a happy scream.
Jeff makes an announcement:
Gage did a presentation at Home Depot and they are going to sell Jeff's paint!
The office bursts into applause and we do our version of the wave.

We appreciate you!
And from all of us:

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