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Jeff's In-House Telenovela

Jenni recaps the HR nightmare between Zoila and Lupe.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos


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At Gramercy Jeff wants his domestic divas, Zoila and Lupe, in competition.  

So add Maria and give Zoila a title: House Manager.

He is hoping this trio will provide an in-house Telenovela.

Zoila uses the word "puta" in regards to Lupe and the games begin.

"I don't clean anymore. I'm the boss." This is Zoila's way of flexing her management muscles. 

Lupe's admission of five guys in one weekend piques Jeff's interest.  

Jeff says he's jealous and silently wonders how she'll have the energy to clean.


A new client list is requested, and Jeff says we need small jobs that pay the bills.   


Off we go to Jeff's Grandmother's house in Fullerton.

Patty is concerned with my added baby weight at six and a half months.

I'm feeling like a balloon in the Macy's parade getting helpful hints.

Andy can't stop giggling.

Jeff wants to redo her dated kitchen starting with the cabinets.

Andrew has a rough close encounter with Patty's four legged  and very energetic dog, Lucy.

Back at Gramercy Zoila thinks Lupe has a problem with the new house manager.

I think the repetition of "I'm the boss" could add to this less than happy picture.

The trio is not working happily or efficiently.

Jeff thinks Zoila likes the title and the raise but has not adjusted to the additional responsibilities.

Zoila sums it up , "It's really hard being the boss." 


A dozen clients and no work going on have Jeff pointing his finger at his client's business managers.

Jeff needs mini makeovers to keep his workers busy and the cash rolling in.

Craig and Carolyn have Jeff headed to Paradise Valley, Arizona to furnish their home.

Craig has a major car collection, and Jeff is impressed.

We are shopping for the house contents in LA and then shipping them to Arizona.

A blend of two strong opinions, but Jeff is up for the challenge.

Craig has worked with four designers so far.

Jeff worries he could be number five on the chopping block.

At Casa Gramercy Vanina translates the Spanish soap opera that is taking place for Jeff.

"Stupida" is only the start of what is heard from Jeff's domestic dream team.


Andrew in the garden is all about sculptured the sculptured phallus.

Everyone agrees there is definitely a john in the jardin.

I am disappointed I will not be going to Arizona to work on the house.

My sausage ankles are a giveaway that this would not be a safe baby plan.


At Fullerton the fur is flying.

Larry the dog trainer has his hands full with Lucy.

Jeff's grandmother has physical doggie damage.

Ten days of intensive Lucy away from home training are ordered. 

Jeff's Grandmother's anger directed at me prompts tears.

I understand she is really upset about Lucy leaving and taking it out on me.

"At least she didn't call you fat" is Jeff's way of comforting me.

[video_clip_url:]Gage, Andrew, Megan, and Vanina head off to Arizona with Jeff.


The furniture will meet them there.

Andrew has a problem with Megan being included.

My rap “Poo in the Potty” blasts from the car stereo.

Andrew is saying something about poking his ears out with a knife.

I want to think he meant that nicely.

Vanina feels sick three hours into the trip.

Jeff says things to help her throw up.


Back in LA as head of Human Recourses, I wanted to hear Zoila's take on the Casa Chaos.

I hope I can put a stop to the backstabbing housekeeper drama with my ultrasound baby pictures.

“Lupe, she hate me”: Zoila's wakeup call that being the boss is not what most people expect.

"I need to take care of this bitch" is unfiltered Zoila.


It's a beautiful day in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

A large packed truck barely navigates around a huge tree going up a driveway.

The tree is spared major injury and Jeff begins this job with a sigh of relief.

Team Lewis unloads what will be rooms and rooms and rooms of furniture.

"Don't look at anything until it's placed…please," Jeff says to Carolyn.

"Embrace the process": Carolyn to a concerned Craig.

Very much the man in charge, Craig is watching over everything.Andy did not get rid of the price tags as requested by Jeff.

If they were not in an obvious place, they were missed.

Andy and Megan correct the problem.


Jeff makes his money selling the furniture, and to his relief, Craig gives him a thumbs up.

Craig and Carolyn are truly happy.


Andy shatters a glass because of a bug.

Gage gives him...the look.


Zoila tells Jeff "Lupe quit" and Jeff is suspicious.

He calls Zoila a bully and "the body in the backyard" discussion seems to me a little over-the-top.Jeff's concern about my birth process is centered on the possibilities of poop and its subsequent odor.

Jeff wants to get details from his grandmother.

Where are the big rocks when you need one to hide under?


In Fullerton Lucy is now an obedience school graduate and her trainer drops by for a checkup.

"This particular dog needs a higher level activity home" is the opinion of the experienced trainer.

Jeff's Grandmother is firm about wanting Lucy to stay put.


A little R and R for the on the road crew provides a discovery.

Wine discussions can be pornographic if the elements are hot, hot, hot.In LA Lupe's whereabouts are a cause for office concern.

The unhealthy dynamics with our three amigas (now two) were not helped by Jeff.

Zoila is back to cleaning, and Jeff rubs it in with toilet duties.

Holding his lowered head in his hands: "I'm so upset over Lupe!" 

"I don't want to talk about it…sorry." Exit Zoila.



Jeff's paint line is a participant at the dwell and design show, America's largest design event.

"Let's go back into the flipping business" is Jeff's response to current client craziness. 

Jeff says Gramercy is going to be flipped, and Gage might do the same.


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