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Jenni Talks Mini Cat Doors, Giant Paint Cans

Jenni weighs in on all the client drama that's put Jeff back in the flipping business.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

Gramercy is where Jeff tells us his cussing has to stop.
Jeffrey will fine himself twenty dollars per infraction.
His verbal dirty dancing is out of hand and fines are the way to go.
Jeff gives Zoila the finger…fingers I guess are free. 

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Clients’ business managers are now financial speed bumps for Jeffery.
Stress brings the F word to the party in a big way.
Two Fs in the car cost him forty and the day has just started. 

Pacific Palisades clients Hania and Amir need a complete renovation.
Mini cat doors are something Jeff did not expect to be included.
Hania suggests a slide from the top of the garage to the pool.
Jeff puts the brakes on this suggestion using words like tasteful and immediately calls her architect, who may need medication to go with this flow. 

[video_clip_url:]A Jeff Lewis Color pop quiz at Gramercy and the entire office fails.
Selling a product you know nothing about is a known business no-no.
Jeff is disappointed with our performance saying we just don't pay attention.
I offer my house paint testimonial to get us back on track.
My fat feet and disappearing ankles cause office merriment. 

Jeff tells his sister-in-law, Carrie, he wants to start flipping again.
He thinks the market is getting hot and he wants in.
There is a speed when Jeff controls a project that he has really missed.
Gage is not happy that Gramercy is going on the market.
Jeff the gypsy is ready to pull up stakes and find a fixer upper.
"We will be moving every year for the rest of our lives."
The truth has come out...Jeff has that flipping feeling. 

Jeff Lewis Color has its own coming out at the Dwell on Design show.
Gage has done a beautiful job designing the booth.
I am installed as an oversized paint pusher.
Jeff has doubts about my currently enormous sales skills.
Gotta dance... 

Back at Gramercy the tension mounts and Jeff is an F festival thanks to Andy, who pushes his buttons to up the cash in the jar. 

At the Pacific Palisades remodel Jeff is told by Hania "not worry about the money."
Jeff is all about the calculator, and this is a major wind up. The market is rebounding and Jeff is determined to get back to his roots.
Gramercy is getting an outdoor kitchen to go on the market.
Gage thinks Jeff should focus on his paint line and current client list.
Jeff is now a man on a mission.
The word is out -- he is looking. 

We visit a beach house in Montecito, which could be a potential flip.
Jeff looks at me and mentions whale watching.
Knowing Gage is less than enthusiastic, Jeff continues full sail.
Gage is stressed with what he thinks are the business realities.
Jeff wants Gage to understand and share his emotional high with a flip. 

Andy is not exactly looking forward to being a paint can.

Jeff talks budget with Amir at their current Santa Monica home.
Megan thinks Amir seriously controls the cash.
Jeff says he wants Hania's creativity on a leash. 

At Dwell on Design Andy is Andy in an oversized can of Jeff Lewis Color.
Zoila gets aggressive with the brochures.
Nick, the Dunn-Edwards Vice President, pays our booth an unexpected visit.
We all want Jeff Lewis Color to be something they are proud of.
Andy is in the parking lot and takes the paint cans on a scooter joy ride.
Nick is disappointed the brochures do not have the orange he told Gage he wanted.
We were concerned Nick would disapprove.
Two-legged, oversized dancing paint cans are not everyone's idea of a plan.  
He says "interesting" and sees the promotional plus. 


Employee of the week gets three hundred dollars as Jeff was F active.
Zoila wants to cry when Jeff announces her name.
Andy is sad his tactics made someone else rich. 

Megan tells Jeff he is marrying Hania with all the work ahead.
Demolition is underway in the Palisades.
Scott the contractor informs Jeff that there are changes Hania now wants, modern rather than Spanish, and Jeff is calmly saying "Homeowners Association."
Megan is saying "batsh-- crazy."
Jeff walks away muttering something about being on Candid Camera and Punk’d. 

Getting Gramercy finished is Jeff's No. 1 priority.
He declares loudly it is more important than everything, including my baby.
A client changing floor plans over and over has Jeff escalating his flipping focus.
Sorry, Gage…Gramercy is for sale.


Next week on Flipping Out:
A valued client hassles Jeff about cash, and I finally deliver.

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