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Jenni: Dreams Do Come True

Jenni Pulos dishes on filming her music video and Jeff Lewis' search for his surrogate.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

Miracles Happen and Dreams Do Come True

How to Watch

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Jeff pre orders from the car
No menu searching/time wasting for this dinner
The Catch is where we meet the potential surrogate
Yes, that is the name of the restaurant Jeff picked
Alexandra is blond and her parents have a farm
She brings a basket of organic goodies
Gage thinks, "She's just perfect …"
And then she asks, "Are you guys planning on getting married?"
Gage beams and you can almost hear Jeff's internal screams
"Eventually we will…"
"You have far surpassed our expectations"
Lovely Alexandra gets the job

Meet Jeff and Gage's Surrogate

Judi, a former client in a gated community, has a request
Above Sunset, Zoila and Gage fight at least three times a day
The plan (Jeff's) is for Zoila to be their nanny
However "douches" cannot be one of baby's first words
Jeff tells Zoila a vocabulary cleanup is on her to do list
Gage understands Zoila is protective of Jeffrey
It's been six and a half years and a truce should be the plan

Jeff is on the phone with Astra his architect
Hollywood revisions, redoing this house to flip
Rental properties Citrus and Finley are potential sales in this hot market
"Fifty-fifty" is how Jeff sees his career designing and flipping
Looking at lots of expensive properties with no intention to buy
High number offerings are an education for Jeff
"You need to know what people have done to get those high numbers"

Zoila is snacking in Hollywood and silent when Gage calls her
A hot button for Gage
He throws out her half eaten banana
Vanina and Megan have a front row seat for this drama

Meeting with Whalerock Industries
They are doing my rap video with MOM.ME
Jeff asks me my future plans
Trips down memory lane -- the Lizard rap
My Old School Beats rap album has its first video
Having a daughter I want to do great things for children
Krisann, my sister, is going to choreograph and dance
Going big with a small green screen is the plan
My fantastic friends volunteer and bring their amazing children
Thanks to all at Whalerock
And Cerentha from MOM.ME for trusting me

The Hollywood Hills are alive with the sound of
"You are a bitch" to Gage in multiples from Zoila
Zoila locks herself in the bathroom crying
She wants to leave
She thinks Gage wants her to leave
"Maybe I disappear"
She reappears and gives Gage the finger
Jeff steps in as peacemaker
"You may not believe this but Gage really, really likes you"
Zoila loves Jeffery: "I feel like I'm taking care of my son"
Jeff feels the same and tells her so
"You are one of my most favorite people in the whole world
I want you here…forever"
She has been with Jeff since he was 28

Jeff's Heart-to-Heart with Zoila

Judi has a walking design tour and wants Jeff to get her house ready
Moving and adding things is always a challenge
Judi starts crying, "It doesn't even look like my house anymore"
Jeff steps up to make her happy and things she hates are removed
We are all thrilled when the tour groups are so complimentary
Can you see my Mom?
Judi beams and that's what it's all about

“Poo in the Potty” the video is a reality
Kids, parents, dancers, lollypop costume, a gold throne, and a monkey
Numerous potties and a small green screen
Entertainment heaven
Reminding myself the crying and chaos are parts of a dream coming true

Lisa Chiya at the fertility clinic help Jeff and Gage choose their egg donor

Shooting the video -- lessons and more lessons, and I loved every minute
“Poo in the Potty” gets its world premiere

Poo in the Potty: The Music Video

To see the entire video go to MOM.ME

Above Sunset Zoila and Gage are doing shots of Patron together
In spite of appearances, they are family
"When the three of us are good, it's really amazing"
Gage said that adding: "I love her…yeah"
Jeff and Gage are talking due dates and birthday parties
Never ever forget: Dreams do come true!

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