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Jenni: Jeff Wants George Eads to Be Happy

Jenni Pulos discusses Geroge Eads' surprising reaction to the remodel.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

What’s Mud Go to Do With It?

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Jeff has plans for Finley's three bungalows
1. The office
2. Jeff and Gage
3. Zoila
Raznik who works with Francisco
Rates top five for characters
My previous pregnancy weight concerned Jeff
He admits his teasing about it was aggressive

Lunch at Gramercy's conversation
Joe's Jacuzzi adventures

Joe's Hot Tub Adventures

Eads residence remodel
Two years working with George and Monika
"A new house"
Eight days left for Jeff at Gramercy
He gets dizzy listening to Finley's to do lists
House hunting now with a different agenda

Joe is confused about Gramercy's holes in the ground
Jeff provides a helpful picture

Sierra Towers might be a Finley back up
Deborah the owner/realtor shows us
Leg tingling views of Los Angeles
Extra's production offices
Lunch meeting with client Lisa G.
Flips, magic numbers, old eggs, and godparents

It does rain in Southern California
Three days straight puts a small dent in our state's drought
Mulholland Prydz remodel: We check minor wind damage
At the Eads Hollywood Hills remodel
Gage and Jeff are sweeping water off the roof
Finley has a mud pit where there was once a driveway
Delays for Jeff's move in and no Plan B

A #FlippingOut Flood Disaster

Shopping with Monika to give George lots of options
Jeff and Monika share a vision
Clean lines, metal, glass, and leather -- very modern

Jesse is painting at Finley
Frank the contractor wants to know:
"Who is the moron who decided to tear the driveway out two days before the largest storm of the year?"
Jeff: "I am the moron"
Matt is taking notes
Finley definitely won't be finished for Jeff's move in date
Driving Gage just misses some pedestrians

Twelve or thirteen years ago
Jeff owned a house in the Hollywood Hills
It is now back on the market with Marc the listing agent
Jeff's paint, tile, and design are untouched
A flood of memories combine with plans for big changes
Hugs for Jeff just to see that face
Glad to see Jeff this excited about a house
Gage points to a view of tighty-whiteys in the distance
Jeff: "We were guided here"

At Gramercy Zoila is managing takeout orders
Her English pronunciation gets help from Jeff
Joe is told to get a picture of a very specific house
Joe sends Jeff a picture of the wrong house
Then Joe texts: This is the (right) one LOL
Gage is not amused

At the Eads home we are auditioning furniture
Happily the accessories give Monika "goose bumps"
We all want George to like it
He tells us his feelings about the remodel
"A spear to the heart"
Not what we were expecting

George Eads Isn't Happy

Jeff wants to make George comfortable in his house
Involve him with selecting the furniture
He is now happy

Next Week on Flipping Out
Moving is the most stressful thing you can do
Vanina in tears: "thrown under the bus"
Jeff Lewis Design and Joe might not be a fit

Jeff Abolishes Human Resources

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