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Jenni: Jeff Was Horrified and Humiliated

Jenni Pulos weighs in on the debacle during the presentation to Chaz Dean.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

The Devil is in the Delegation

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5:04 AM: Jeff's house Gramercy
Zoila is working in the kitchen
Gratitude is on his mind
His clients, "It's what I love the most"
The stress, his sleep cut back
Working seven days a week
Premature aging a possibility

Gage and lots of coffee to the rescue
They have six years of personal and professional partnership
Plus major business expansion
Jeff is sure Gage is his golden goose

Mulholland remodel with demo subcontractor Francisco
Working now with the big boys
Safety meetings are part of our upped game
Spanish flows and Jeff and I listen
We are learning -- Cacos on means "hats on"

Clients Eric and Sofie with $5 million plus gated estate
Main house with two guesthouses
Guesthouse 2 is going to be Eric's studio
Sofie's concerns are her office within
A balancing act, as both need to be happy
At Gramercy schedules on the desk
"All there...all the time"

Vanina is working 6AM till midnight
Jeff says he now has his "dream team"
And then there's new hire Joe…
Gage says, "He doesn't get it…at all"
Joe's explanation: A thick skin is needed here
He can see he "has bad days"
And "sometimes messes up"
Jeff has hopes for his future
Zoila interrupts regarding plans for lunch
She calls Gage something in Spanish
It sounds like pig

Finley is Jeff's rental property remodel
Pacific Palisades is Yazdi's remodel
Hollywood Hills is the Eads’ remodel
Zoila is seeing food everywhere at Gramercy
Jeff is out early and back late
Zoila is thrilled with her newfound freedom
Time for eating and daytime TV

Lazier and lazier is how Jeff sees it

Camarillo is a major remodel in Toluca Lake
Clients Brian Austin Green and his wife Megan Fox
They bought part of the former Bing Crosby estate
The job is huge and the pressure is on
Jeff wants to see these beautiful people happy
And get the celebrity referrals

La Mirada, Chaz Dean's offices
Jeff's loyal client for seven years
Wen's success is now global
Jet setting Chaz does not have a minute to spare
He joins us with his business manager Nuria
The lighting store -- selecting on a tight schedule
Chaz is all about the details down to the last light bulb

Back in the car
The navigation voice for Mercedes
A girl can dream...Jeff says don't
Gage agrees and gives it his best shot
That kind of laughter is dangerous when driving
Jeff's disappearing mail is our sushi lunch topic
Questioning Joe
He says, "Bermuda triangles"

Gramercy 5:27AM
Jeff and Gage are searching for a spec house
The Zoila-Gage Cool War continues
Gage is now ready to let go of Gramercy

Jeff tells Zoila he is going to buy
Another house for her to clean
Mulholland working on Eric's studio
Sofie has a different vision for her space
Manhattan Beach Blake residence consultation
They have a panic room
Calabasas consultation with former clients
Gregorish-Dempsey who are always fun
West Hollywood client meeting
Client is sure Botox is to blame for her lazy eye
At Gramercy Megan is back part time
Chaz Dean's offices, La Mirada
All seated for the lighting presentation
A cluster fagoozie of messed up pages
Photographs and numbers
Given to Megan by Joe

A Major #FlippingOut Fail

At Gramercy Joe is texting his boyfriend

Zoila says he lives on the moon
Stephanie is Chaz's assistant
A policewoman etc. according to Jeff
She has discovered multiple dropped balls
Jeff is horrified and feels humiliated

Time challenged Chaz is not big on this confusion
Jeff says to us as we exit, "Stay late for a meeting"
Sofie at Mulholland has a change of design plans

Jeff Loses It on Eric Prydz

Chaz debacle plus unhappy Sofie
Who said Jeff's job is easy?
Gramercy late meeting with the dream team
The multiple errors are exposed
Jeff explodes and then takes responsibility
He's the boss

Jeff: "I Look Like a F---ing Moron!"

Next week on Flipping Out:
The fu-gazies escalate at an alarming rate
And Jeff says, “Do you think I'm too old to have children?”

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