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Jenni on Gage's Mini Me

Jenni Pulos weighs in on the newest addition to Jeff Lewis Design. 

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

Gage Gets His Mini Me

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At Gramercy Jeff instructs Zoila in basic pet parenting
Joe shows Jeff a text message
Jeff wonders if Joe is the right fit as Gage's assistant
Gage’s "I don't care"...not a good sign

Heather and Peter are clients in Woodland Hills
They want light remodeling and painting
Spoiler Alert: Jeff has made out with Heather
When they were both at USC

Jeff Lewis Hooked Up with Heather McDonald!?

Jeff thinks Heather and Peter have "bad taste"
For starters books and their shelves have to go
Heather wants the books to stay
This is not negotiable with Jeff Lewis
He calls Peter's office "a mess"

Megan and Jesse the painter are working on Finley
The former rental property is being transformed:
The new Jeff Lewis Design office complex

Gage's increasing workload takes its toll
“He needs a Jenni” is how Jeff sees it
Jeff hires Matthew
Gage has a new assistant
He is welcomed on Joe's sick day
Zoila throws shade on Gage
Her feelings are always clear
Matt could be the missing link
Structured and efficient with no play makes Gage's day
Matthew gets the download on Gage's overload

Jeff's plan is for me to ride with Jesse to Woodland Hills
Riding with Jesse did not work for me in the past
He promises to pay better attention to his driving
Jesse’s healthy hormones are his ride share

Jeff Lewis Hooked Up with Heather McDonald!?

Gage gives Matthew a projects tour with instructions
Matthew silently views:
Jeff's Finley remodel
The Eads' Hollywood Hills remodel
The Green's Camarillo remodel
Matt is quiet and quiet Gage is concerned

Painting Woodland Hills
We need Jesse's estimate for three rooms
Settled at two thousand
Jeff says, "You get what you pay for"
Paint perfection Jeff thinks would be another painter and 6k

Gage is in heaven because Matthew takes copious notes
Jeff will be in heaven when Matt learns how to make drinks
Specific mixture instructions are given by Gage
Matthew silently speed types
Happy Hour with no drinks spilled
It's a beautiful day at Jeff Lewis Design

Jeff Lewis on the Importance of Cocktail Time

Zoila gets instructions from Jeff to tell Joe
"He's busy" is not what Jeff wants to hear
Zoila says she is busy too
Jeff has his doubts
"My new assistant” is how Zoila sees Joe
"Hang in there" anyway is Joe's plan

Living Spaces shopping with clients
Jeff sees himself as a savior to the taste impaired
Gage has a mini me in Matthew
Jeff puts him to the test
Matt can even spell the big words
Joe is now working for Zoila
Jeff has the smallest bladder
Fun silent pay back opportunities

Peter and Heather’s relationship
Opinions from therapist Lewis
Jeff knows he is overstepping
He can't help himself
Heather wants Jeff's pot stirring stopped
Jeff reflects on his actions
Jesse’s painting of Woodland Hills is going well
Until a flashlight drops from the ceiling
Just missing Jeff

Gramercy time to eat
Gage and Jeff disagree about the Funky Fusion
They also disagree about work silence
Gage yay, Jeff nay
Woodland Hills Living Spaces delivery
After -- a huge success

Jesse thinks Matt is Gage's brother
Two peas in a pod
Jeff says Gage might be in love
Matthew is silently learning
Gage is happy
Who is Matt really? Time will tell…

Next of Flipping Out
A slow moving client
Stewie, Jeff's cat, is sick
Jeff tells Gage he wants to think about becoming a parent

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