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Jenni on Joe's Dismissal

Jenni Pulos dishes on Joe's exit from Jeff Lewis Design. 

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

Hooray for Hollywood…Off Sunset

Jeff's house on Gramercy
He said, she said
Gate closed
Moving to Hollywood
Jeff is counting the days and nights
Zoila will not miss the steps
"50 up and 50 down"

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Jeff wants his appointments in the calendar
The word delegate sends him over the edge
The F word with an added “ers”
His description of his employees
Add to that "dipsh---s"
He is a colorful boss

Moving Day 2: Jeff says Gage is crying
"I realize there is no forever house"
Jeff: "I'm going to cry…
…when that wire transfer makes it to my account"
The empty spaces are full of memories
Jeff is leaving a home
Not just a house
Gage asks Jeff if he is tearing up

The next potential flip
Hollywood off the Sunset Strip
Leased with a purchase option
Jeff sets up his office first
After thirteen and a half years
His Executive Assistant has her own desk
Can I hear a “finally”?

Mulholland remodel with client Eric Prydz
Vanina is putting in twelve hour days
Working for Jeff Lewis Design
Constant crisis management
Joe is "helping" her
Stress is the name of this game
Jeff is not sure that Joe and professional are words that go together at this point
With inspiration from his dad's "nitwit network"
Jeff's tolerance for Joe baffles everyone

At Mulholland Vanina takes the rap for "ugly cushions"
Five years of perfect have come to an end
Vanina: "I don't like to be yelled at"

Hollywood home, "sweetie" home office
Joe's late and his laconic "oh yeah" has Jeff spinning
Getting the right soap is a major challenge
Gage is in awe of Jeff's mentoring madness
Joe texts Jeff over the weekend
He’s in the hospital with a head injury
Blames flag football
Jeff wants Joe to tell us where the lockbox receipt is
And get an MRI
Internal bleeding and a concussion
Gage is instructed by Jeff to be more sympathetic
Joe is not the person you want to have a head injury

Eads residence, Nichols Canyon
A year and a half of interior remodel completed
Vanina is working with Oscar on the outdoor kitchen
A very expensive mistake has to be dealt with
Benedict Canyon potential remodel
Jeff, Gage, and Vanina examine the possibilities
Client from Pacific Palisades Hania
Joins us at Bradco Kitchens & Baths
Gotta dance

Mulholland's ugly outdoor pillows
Jeff takes the blame
And pays for a new set

Matts calls our attention to Joe's Instagram account
Jeff is disappointed: "He doesn't think"
Spelling also appears to be a problem

Jeff Stalks His Employee's Instagram

Zoila calls Gage "sweetie"
Seven times at our new location

Eads residence remodel
The cabinet was made wrong
Vanina does not think she is responsible
Oscar makes the fix that saves the day

Jeff's residence above Sunset
Joe and the lunch receipts are a cluster
Gage: "I don't know how he's lasted this long"

Jeff is concerned about Vanina
She is not acting like herself
He confronts her
Vanina feels she has been "thrown under the bus"
Jeff admits: "We have been hard on you"

Vanina Breaks Down Over Work

Joe is another conversation
Jeff has finally reached his limit and tells Joe he's fired
Joe reacts like the nice kid Jeff has always said he is
Telling us he learned a lot
Zoila gets her bartender job back
Jeff: "Can you not lick your fingers when you're stuffing the olives?"

Jeff Fires Joe the Assistant

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The shit is literally backing up -- expensive
And Gage is not backing down -- explosive

Gage and Jeff Argue Over Sofas

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